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Garment categories: Is the percentage breakdown appropriate Is the balance correct for customer requirements, and are there enough options to meet a variety of preferences and tastes Product lines: Are the styles within each appropriate for the target market in terms of design content, style, fabric, colour, pattern and texture The tension here will be between offering width or depth of range where should the balance lie between offering safe lines and high fashions with more risk Decisions regarding which new fashion directions should be incorporated are crucial; today s riskier lines could very easily become tomorrow s best sellers, as they become more widely accepted and therefore safer over time. Do the above two items t the company image we are trying to portray For example, the garment label or company name may be well established in a high fashion context. Is each range balanced Is there cohesion in what is being offered or might there be too much emphasis on certain
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H2O 78.36 14.0
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Adulthood Intimacy Developmental task Loving and committing to a person outside family of origin. Achievement of autonomous intimacy. Divorce danger Retreat from or inability to be intimate and to commit. Narcissistic love predominant. Identity Strong sense of self through personal and economic selfsufficiency. Commitment to work and goals within and outside the family. Incomplete self-differentiation and search for new person to complete identity. Identity exclusively defined by intimacy with partner. Identity exclusively defined by work achievement leading to intimacy erosion. Developmental opportunity Compassionate concern for self and others. Forgiveness and peace with exspouse, self, and family. Achievement of reciprocal and autonomous intimacy with a new person. Therapeutic goals Understand personal contribution to divorce and projection of blame. Work through blocks to intimacy. Develop realistic expectations of a partner permitting compromise, trust, and communion. New or enhanced sense of self and self-sufficiency. Balance of communion and separation in work and relationships. Understanding and alleviation of irrational guilt. Understand and change pattern of seeking another to complete identity. Separate self from spouse and parent(s). Positively assume responsibility for personal happiness. Balance relationships with work and other interests, pursuits.
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SMG10 WPC (UMTS) was formed in 1995. It worked for a couple of years and produced an unpublished document GSM 33.20 giving the likely services that would be provided by a third generation system and the security that would be required. It also contained a threat analysis. The work of WPC was greatly assisted by input from companies involved in an EC funded research project called USECA, short for UMST Security Architecture. SMG10 WPC, and then 3GPP SA3 analysed the false base station problem and other weaknesses in some detail. The resulting security architecture was based on GSM but had important differences. Critical signalling commands, such as the start ciphering mode command, would have mandatory integrity protection in order to prevent the false base station attack. In GSM, a triplet generated for a particular mobile can be re-used any number of times for that mobile. The false base station attack can therefore be used to force use of a particular triplet and the attacker will know what cipher key will be used (some handsets have an indicator showing if ciphering is in use or not this particular attack overcomes this protection). To prevent re-use of triplets, a sequence number was attached to triplets the sequence number attached to a triplet must exceed the most recently previously received triplet. A Message Authentication Code (MAC) showing that the quintet came from the user s operator and no one else and to integrity protect the sequence number is also attached. Ciphering extends between the mobile and RNC, the 3GPP equivalent of the GSM BSC. Links that may potentially be over microwave are therefore ciphered.
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Paradigms for Algorithms and Interactions
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RDF/XML for the organization of a book.
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empowering families with skills development, assisting them, in resolving their own disputes, enhancing coordination of court events within the justice system, providing direct services to families when and where they need them, and building a system of dispute resolution that is more cost ef cient, user-friendly, and time conscious. (Kuhn, 1998, p. 68)
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} //Utility method to insert an employee into the database private boolean employeeAdded( String employeeID, String firstName, String lastName, java.util.Date hireDate, int grade, String classification, double salary, String deptCode ) throws EJBException { boolean insertSuccessful = false ;
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Building permit has been Lead architect: Date of decision: Motivation / conditions: See advice. Permit has been issued under the condition that the security aspect will be dealt with on February 10, 2005. Extended / Refused R.J. McCall February 4, 2005
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The following example installs a new package located on the Internet. This approach works with http and ftp protocols:
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