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securities. The proposals were subsequently amended due to shortcomings in the way that the market risk of different instruments was to be treated, especially for derivatives. Key to the amendments was that the BIS Basle agreed to let banks use their own internal models to calculate capital charges for market risk. This is significant if only because it represents the first time that banking regulators moved from simple formulaic-type requirements to more sophisticated in-house models to determine regulatory capital. Banks that do not meet the criteria set down by the Basle Committee are not allowed to use their own internal models. Another way that capital allocation decisions can be made, and especially at the product-type level, is with volatility measures. Again, simply put, the more price volatile one product type is relative to another, the less initial capital it might receive until it can show that its profitability makes it deserving of an even larger capital allocation. Various consulting firms derive their sole source of revenue from advising banking institutions on how they might best manage their operations in the context of regulatory requirements. Value at Risk (VAR) refers to a process whereby fundamental statistical analysis is applied to historical market trends and volatilities so as to generate estimates of the likelihood that a given security s or portfolio s losses might exceed a certain amount. VAR is a popular risk-management vehicle for firms, where maximum loss amounts are set internally and are not permitted to be exceeded unless express permission is granted for doing so. As stated, insurance companies are also subject to a variety of stringent rules of operation. Among the restrictions faced by insurance companies is a prohibition against investing in non-dollar-denominated securities, as well as having to evaluate potential purchases of mortgage-backed securities (MBSs). Regarding insurance regulations pertaining to investment policy, this matter is generally handled on a state-by-state basis. To assist states with the drafting of appropriate law, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has prepared so-called model laws. These proposals contain suggested limits or guidelines on various types of investments inclusive of mortgage products, securities denominated in currencies other than the dollar, securities lending, derivatives, and other matters. Meantime, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has mandated three standard tests that CMOs must pass before a bank, savings and loan, or credit union can purchase a CMO security. The tests help to determine the level of interest rate risk and volatility of a CMO when subjected to interest rate changes. The three tests determine whether a CMO is high-risk, and thus ineligible to be purchased by these financial institutions. Since some CMOs are structured to pay out a steadier level of cash flows over time, these would likely be more stable and predictable and tend to qualify for purchase under FFIEC tests. The FFIEC tests involve:
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Over the past 25 years family therapy has gradually established itself as an important treatment approach in eating disorders, particularly with adolescent anorexia nervosa. The growing empirical evidence for the effectiveness of family-based treatments (reviewed later in the chapter) has added weight to the earlier clinical and theoretical accounts of some of the pioneer gures of the family therapy eld, such as Salvador Minuchin (Minuchin et al., 1975) and Mara Selvini Palazzoli (1974) and has undoubtedly been one of the important factors in the major changes in the treatment of eating disorders that the eld has witnessed in the past 10 to 15 years. Paradoxically, alongside of the data for the effectiveness of family therapy, there has also been growing evidence that the theoretical models, from which the family treatment of eating
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One last remark about security. Since the upstream data travels at its own wavelength, 1310 nm, and is time interleaved and since there will always be backre ections from each splitter, there will be a tiny replica of every ONU s transmission upstream that could, in principle, be detected and analyzed at another ONU. No numbers are given on this possibility in the standards documents, only the speci cation that the return loss (echo at the ONU from splices, splitters, and connectors) must be at least 32 dB down from the upstream power level. It is unstated whether an out-of-spec component giving less than 32 dB return loss or an out-of-spec 1310 laser delivering more power than speci ed can compromise a user s security.
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Individuals and interactions over processes and tools Responding to change over following a plan generate data matrix code
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Eqs. 7.1, 7.101
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