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It can be shown that for every latent structure there is at least one projection [Pearl and Verma 1991a, Pearl 2000]. Note that a projection must exhibit only the same (in)dependence structure (w.r.t. d-separation), but need not be able to generate the same distribution.5 In essence, the notion of a projection is only a technical trick to be able to represent dependences that are due to latent variables by bidirected edges (which are an intuitive representation of a hidden common cause of exactly two variables).
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XUL Component with Templates/Rules
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Anyone can use the hwclock command to view hardware clock settings; however, you must have root privileges to change those settings. To use hwclock to view the current time from your computer s hardware clock, type the following:
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The first step was to create credible data for the business. Merrill used a PeopleSoft platform but did not disable the company s 150-some legacy systems, each of which required a manual interface. Each business division had its own technology and systems, she noted, and each had a separate HR silo. At each step, Kassel s team asked these questions: What do we need to do What do we need to stop doing What will the business pay for
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1. Increasing real estate taxes 2. Decreasing price of homes 3. Many families moving away 4. Heavy traff ic or noise 5. Litter or pollution 6. Factories or heavy industry 7. Businesses closing down 8. Vacant houses or buildings 9. Increasing crime or vandalism What is your overall rating of the neighborhood
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of gateways for directing and routing packets, error correcting processes, and global addressing. In September 1973, Cerf and Kahn convened a working group to discuss the development of the protocol. In 1974, they completed the paper A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication ,6 which set much of the foundation for internet data transmission, and published it in the IEEE Transactions on Communications. Cerf along with graduate students Yogen Dalal and Carl Sunshine published the technical speci cation of TCP/IP in December 1974. TCP/IP became the foundational protocol for the concept of the Internet; these protocols enabled the connection of separate networks into a network of networks; and the Internet is widely recognized to be fundamentally a global network of networks. Subsequently, in 1976, Cerf moved to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the successor agency to ARPA. In his new position, Cerf continued to play the key role in the development and establishment of TCP/IP. While many of the advances of the 1970s were below the radar screen in terms of public awareness and publicity, that was all to change in the 1980s. In 1983, TCP/IP replaced NCP as the transmission technology for the ARPANET. This removed limitations and opened the way for the nal maturing of ARPANET into its successor, the Internet. Following the introduction of the personal computer into the market, the mid-1980s marked a boom in the personal computer and minicomputer industries, while corporations began to use workstations, local area networks, and newly developed network technology to communicate with each other and with their customers. In 1990, the ARPANET was formally decommissioned, leaving behind the immense network of networks known as the Internet with over 300,000 hosts. Within two years, the Internet had continued the impressive growth it had experienced as the ARPANET, growing threefold to more than one million hosts. The initial explosive growth of ARPANET/Internet continues to the present day. However, because of this growth, the ability to search items and ef ciently use the available information across the Internet has begun to become limited.
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