GSM and UMTS: The Creation of Global Mobile Communication in .NET

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C H A P T E R 5 . G R A N D B A H A M A ( F R E E P O R T / L U C AYA )
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Single Plate with Finite Dimensions on a Ground Plane
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As you read about each of the interfaces and classes discussed in the preceding, you learn how they interrelate to create bean instances and perform work.
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JSP Debugging Techniques
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The vast bulk of the EJB API is contained in the javax.ejb package. Let s take a look at javax.ejb now.
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The XML document may contain the element: <SomeTag> Where is that &entityName; going </SomeTag> During processing, the XML processor substitutes Replacement Text for &entityName;. The semicolon must be the last character in the entity reference. External general entities enable the author to include text from other locations into a document. For example, the author can code the following line, in which someFile can be a URL or a file on the network or on the local machine.
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We explore how comprehensive customer service can be provided by the integration of voice, Web, eMail and paper sources. In particular, call centre architectures are analysed and their probable evolution discussed. Automated alternatives to human agents are considered. Electronic support for help-desks, maintenance and repair crews is detailed, including the potential of telemetry as a way of removing the need for site visits.
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erroneous, dead cases. Inconsistencies are anomalies and are considered as potential errors. Detection and analysis of these potential errors are crucial in building and maintaining CBR systems. The aforesaid types of problematic cases are described as follows: 1. Redundant cases. If two cases are the same (i.e., case duplication) or if one case subsumes another case, one of the cases duplicated or the case subsumed can be removed from the case base without affecting the overall problem- solving ability of the CBR system. The meaning of subsumption is as follows: Given two cases ep and eq , when case ep subsumes case eq , case ep can be used to solve more problems than eq . In this case, eq is said to be redundant. For example, let ep and eq be two successful cases of bank credit card application. Let the salary of ep be above 12K and the salary of eq be above 20K, and other attributes be equal. If ep gets credit card approval with a salary above 12K, eq will get approval as well. This means that case ep subsumes case eq and ep is a general case of eq . Therefore eq can be removed. 2. Con icting cases. Con icting cases are two or more cases that are very similar on every problem attribute, yet propose con icting solutions. This con ict may be due to the erroneous input of case attributes or may be due to a change in the correct solution over time. 3. Alternative cases. In many applications, offering alternative solutions to the same problem is very useful (e.g., recommending various holiday packages to the tourists). Therefore, if a system is designed to offer alternative solutions rather than pure similarity-based suggestions, the detection of these alternative cases will be very useful. 4. Erroneous cases. A case that is inconsistent with the background knowledge of the system is an erroneous case. For example, if an attribute value or suggested solution to a case has something like age of a customer is 2003, it is called an erroneous case because it does not match with reality (i.e., background knowledge). Erroneous cases result from errors introduced during the case capturing or entering process. These errors can be detected using standard data validation methods such as the check digit. 5. Dead cases. A case is a dead case if it cannot be retrieved from the case base due to missing important attributes or erroneous feature values. Given a new case, the similarity score with this dead case is always zero (i.e., totally dissimilar).
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What are the current recommendations for cervical cancer screening
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