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If you want a blend that makes you happy, emphasize relationship-building activities over wealth-building ones. As you saw in 9, you will adapt over time to the things that you buy. Your social connectedness, though, keeps giving you good feelings and good health. And, as a bonus, a good personal and professional network makes it easier to make money later on. Some people make the mistake of building relationships, whether on or offline, only so as to benefit professionally or financially. Yet people who focus more on material rewards than social ones are not as happy as those who look to connect mainly for the pleasure of connection. You could easily put your life off kilter if you focus on making money to the detriment of your relationships. Here are some ways you can deepen your online relationships and make them more satisfying:
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Community Courts
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Leiomyomatosis peritonealis disseminata (LPD) is extremely rare disease that on imaging studies appears similar to diffuse carcinomatosis. Grossly the lesions may be located on virtually any abdominopelvic organ such as the small intestine,
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Our research team conducted more than 50 focused, multihour interviews with key people inside RE/MAX International and throughout its network. We studied the real estate industry and talked to experts. We spent weeks with Dave and Gail Liniger and got to know the members of the senior team well. We were allowed to poke about, ask questions, and look into whatever we wanted, without restrictions. Everything was on the record. We became big fans of this group of people, personally and from the standpoint of business observers, and make no bones about our overwhelmingly positive outlook. If you are looking for criticism, skepticism, or negativity, you will not find it in this book. We liked what we learned about this organization, saw huge positives in what it accomplished, and uncovered valuable lessons about how it did it. Here are some of the big-picture elements of the RE/MAX story and the fascinating real estate industry: In North America alone, real estate is big business; and increasingly around the world, more families own their own homes than ever before 75 percent of an average family s net worth is locked into that investment. In North America, 1 in every 138 working adults (an astonishing 1.2 million people) is a real estate agent. RE/MAX associates currently include more than 7 percent of all real estate agents in the United States and 18 percent of all real estate agents in Canada.
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When considering the include action, it s important to note that the value of the page attribute can be a JSP expression or some other dynamically generated expression. The flush attribute must be coded as true. You can code param tags with the include action, as shown here: <jsp:include page="included.html" flush="true" > <jsp:param name="paramName" value="paramValue" /> </jsp:include>
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Every user interface needs event handling. This is accomplished in XUL with JavaScript. JavaScript is a browser and platform-independent scripting language. It enables you to build callbacks to events and to manipulate XUL user interface elements via the Document Object Model (DOM). In addition, some XUL elements may have JavaScript properties and methods that can be referenced and called by JavaScript. To embed JavaScript, use the <script src=" "> tag in the same fashion as you would declare it in HTML. Embedding the JavaScript as an event handler is even more intuitive, as demonstrated in Code Listing 1.3.
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Table 12-1: Control Keys for Using elinks
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