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f this were a book about traditional ways of working, this chapter might be called Boost Your Productivity. You d read about time and task and project management, about setting objectives and priorities, and about moving step by step towards your chosen goals. But this is a book about web ways of working about work in the connected age. Web work supports bursty ways of working: navigating networks of people, knowledge, software, and machines to find leaps of possibility and productivity. The connected age encourages a new mindset around making things happen: organic rather than machine-like, bottom-up rather than top-down, provisional instead of definitive, and flexible rather than controlled. Table 3-1 contrasts the machine productivity mindset of the information age with the organic productivity mindset of the connected age. I am sharpening the difference between the two approaches to make it clearer. In practice, you may often take a hybrid approach.
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To become truly demand driven, our manufacturing and logistics process requires accurate forecasting and analysis of our extensive list of finished products, the director maintained. The planning required to source the raw materials and semi-products represented a logistical nightmare. We required a highly accurate and sophisticated planning solution to seamlessly integrate within our existing QAD ERP environment, and the solution had to handle planning and replenishment around a very deep, multileveled bill of materials. It also had to be accessible via the Internet from multiple countries since we are global, he added. After an exhaustive search, we focused on Demantra s Demand Management Suite, the director said. The fully integrated software solution, which includes the Demand Planner, Demand Replenisher, Demand Configurator, and Demand Collaborator modules, enables this global manufacturer to forecast sales and consumption forecasts for all levels of products, including finished products, semi-products, co-products, and raw materials. We use this forecast to better anticipate raw material procurement requirements to deliver finished products on time, and apply these forecasts and plans to make better global logistics decisions based on the overall consumption and supply patterns, the director explained. Initial results indicate a 10% decrease in inventories and an 80% reduction in transportation expenses.
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The e-CoverageSet(ep ) therefore represents the generalization capability of the case ep . As the number of cases in the e-CoverageSet(ep ) increases, the signi cance of ep in representing the cluster increases. On the other hand, the e-ReachabilitySet(ep ) represents the degree to which the case ep can be replaced by other case(s). Therefore, the smaller the number of cases in the e-ReachabilitySet(ep ), the higher the signi cance of ep in representing the cluster. Based on these measures, we explain below an algorithm for eliminating some of the cases in LE, thereby retaining only the signi cant ones as the representative cases for the purpose of maintaining the size of a case base. Algorithm. Given the cluster LE and an e value, let B be the set of the representative cases of LE and be initialized to an empty set. Step 1. For each case e in LE, determine e-CoverageSet e [equation (5.16)] and e-ReachabilitySet(e) [equation (5.17)] by a set of adaptation rules R e associated with the case e. Step 2. Find the case(s) e such that je-CoverageSet e j max e je-CoverageSet e j; e; e 2 LE
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what is to happen along with the scheduling and co-ordination of activities. The plan should also show the allocation of tasks, accountability for implementation and costs of the activities.
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9.3.5 The validity of modelling
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CAN WE REALLY MULTITASK None of us truly multitasks in the sense of doing two things simultaneously. Human beings aren t like dual-core laptops, capable of running tasks in parallel. You can only do one thing at a time, but some people are better at interleaving multiple tasks and projects through the course of a day. For people, multitasking means a more rapid switching between tasks and more responsiveness to interruptions, not really doing multiple things at once.
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