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Graphical Models: Representations for Learning, Reasoning and Data Mining, Second Edition C Borgelt, M Steinbrecher and R Krus 2009, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd ISBN: 978-0-470-72210-7
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Be sure to note the storage location of your backup file, as you will need to know it if you ever have to restore your BlackBerry!
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The most common way to access a shell from a Linux graphical interface is using a Terminal window. From a graphical interface, you can often access virtual terminals to get to a shell. With no graphical interface, with a textbased login you are typically dropped directly to a shell after login.
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she can be sure that it really is it. When this is done, the authority then creates a message encrypted with its private key, which includes Alice s public key. Alice sends this message, the certi cate, to Bob, before they enter into a business negotiation. All that Bob has to do, is to use the certi cation s public key to decrypt the certi cate and thereby establish Alice s identity. Bob knows that the authority s key is genuine and he knows the authority know Alice s key to really be from Alice. We mentioned trust. The fact that the rst and second parties to the transaction are prepared to trust a third (the certi cation authority) is critical to the process. The trust must operate in at two ways: the parties must believe that the authority is who it says it is, and must also trust that its processes are fair and competent. To ensure both of these conditions is dif cult for a single authority. It is very unlikely that one organisation could carry out a reliable audit of all the parties that wanted to enter into transactions great and small, across the whole of a continent. One way round this scalability problem is to create a multi-tiered hierarchical structure of certi cation authorities [85]. Higher, more general authorities would authenticate the public keys of lower, more specialised authorities. It is even possible to envisage a network, rather than a tree, of trust hierarchies, with several independent authorities validating a certi cate. The certi cate needs to validate the public key of the party it has audited, but it can, even should, hold other information as well. It needs to specify the encryption algorithm to which the authenticated party s public key refers, and it should also include an expiry date for the certi cate. The latter is a very important item of information and it has to result from a value-judgement on behalf of the certi cation authority as to how long the authenticated party can maintain the integrity of the
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Variable Name JAVA_HOME TOMCAT_HOME Purpose Points to the root directory of your Java installation. Points to the root directory of your Tomcat installation.
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Morgan, P., and L. F. Neuenschwander. 1988. Shrub response to high and low severity burns following clearcutting in Northern Idaho. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 3:5 9. Morrison, K. D., and E. G. Reekie. 1995. Pattern of defoliation and its effect on photosynthetic capacity in Oenothera biennis. Journal of Ecology 83: 759 767. Mund-Meyerson, M. J. 1998. Arthropod Abundance and Composition on Native and Exotic Trees in the Middle Rio Grande Riparian Forest as Related to Avian Foraging. Master s thesis, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Mutch, R. W. 1970. Wildland res and ecosystems: A hypothesis. Ecology 51:1046 1051. Naiman, R. J., and H. D camps. 1997. The ecology of interfaces: Riparian zones. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 28:621 658. National Resource Council. 1992. Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems: Science, Technology and Public Policy. National Academy Press, Washington, DC. Nicholls, N. 1988. El Ni o-Southern Oscillation and rainfall variability. Journal of Climate 1:418 421. Ohmart, R. D., and B. W. Anderson. 1982. North American desert riparian ecosystems, In Reference Handbook on the Deserts of North America, ed. by G. L. Bender, pp. 433 479. Greenwood Press, Westport, CT. Olson, T. E., and F. L. Knopf. 1986. Naturalization of Russian-olive in the western United States. Western Journal of Applied Forestry 1:65 69. Peterson, D. L., and Rolfe, G. L. 1982. Nutrient dynamics and decomposition of litterfall in oodplain and upland forests of Central Illinois. Forest Science 28:667 681. Platania, S. P. 1991. Fishes of the Rio Chama and Upper Rio Grande, New Mexico, with preliminary comments on their longitudinal distribution. Southwestern Naturalist 36:186 193. Platania, S. P., and C. S. Altenbach. 1998. Reproductive strategies and egg types of seven Rio Grande Basin cyprinids. Copeia 1998:559 569. Pockman, W. T., J. S. Sperry, and J. W. O Leary. 1995. Sustained and signi cant negative water pressure in xylem. Nature 378:715 716. Poff, N. L., J. D. Allan, M. B. Bain, J. R. Karr, K. L. Prestegaard, B. D. Richter, R. E. Sparks, and J. C. Stromberg. 1997. The natural ow regime: A paradigm for river conservation and restoration. BioScience 47:769 784. Poiani, K. A., B. D. Richter, M. G. Anderson, and H. E. Richter. 2000. Biodiversity conservation at multiple scales: Functional sites, landscapes, and networks. BioScience 50:133 146. Proctor, J. T. A., J. M. Bodnar, W. J. Blackburn, and R. L. Watson. 1982. Analysis of the effects of the spotted tentiform leafminer (Phyllonorycter blancardella) on the photosynthetic charactersitics of apple leaves. Canadian Journal of Botany 60:2734 2740.
Notice the inclusion of the client s name in the HTML page. Listing 10-7 shows the JSP code for showcustoptions.jsp. Listing 10-7: JSP to display customer options (showcustoptions.jsp) <%@ page contentType="text/html" import="chapter10.*" errorPage="errorpageex1.jsp" %> <%-- If we've gotten this far, we have a valid account number and password. --%> <%-- Why not show the options list --%> <% String CustomerBean String custoptions customer customerName = request.getParameter("custoptions") ; = (CustomerBean)session.getAttribute("customer") ; = customer.getCustomerName() ;
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