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Typical data sets generated by microarray experiments contain large fractions of missing values caused by low quality spots. Techniques for handling missing values have to be chosen carefully, since they involve certain assumptions. When these assumptions are not correct, artifacts can be added into the data set that may substantially bias the evaluation of biological hypotheses. The straightforward approach is to completely discard genes with at least one missing value. However, if a large fraction of genes are eliminated because of missing values, then this approach is not appropriate. A straightforward imputation method consists of replacing all missing values for a given gene with the mean of its valid expression values among all available arrays. This assumes that the data for estimating the most probable value of a missing gene expression were derived under similar biological conditions; for instance, they could
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Franko, D.L., Wolfe, B.E. & Jimerson, D.C. (1994) Elevated sweet taste pleasantness ratings in bulimia nervosa. Physiol. Behav., 56 (5), 969 973. Franssila-Kallunki, A., Rissanen, A., Ekstrand, A., Eriksson, J., Saloranta, C., Widen, E., SchalinJantti, C. & Groop, L. (1991) Fuel metabolism in anorexia nervosa and simple obesity. Metabolism, 40 (7), 689 694. Fujimoto, S., Inui, A., Kiyota, N., Seki, W., Koide, K., Takamiya, S., Uemoto, M., Nakajima, Y., Baba, S. & Kasuga, M. (1997) Increased cholecystokinin and pancreatic polypeptide responses to a fat-rich meal in patients with restrictive but not bulimic anorexia nervosa. Biol. Psychiat., 41 (10), 1068 1070. Fukuda, I., Hotta, M., Hizuka, N., Takano, K., Ishikawa, Y., Asakawa-Yasumoto, K., Tagami, E. & Demura, H. (1999) Decreased serum levels of acid-labile subunit in patients with anorexia nervosa. J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab., 84 (6), 2034 2036. Fullerton, D.T., Swift, W.J., Getto, C.J. & Carlson, I.H. (1986) Plasma immunoreactive beta-endorphin in bulimics. Psychol. Med., 16 (1), 59 63. Fulton, S., Woodside, B. & Shizgal, P. (2000) Modulation of brain reward circuitry by leptin. Science, 287 (5450), 125 128. Gendall, K.A., Kaye, W.H., Altemus, M., McConaha, C.W. & La Via, M.C. (1999) Leptin, neuropeptide Y, and peptide YY in long-term recovered eating disorder patients. Biol. Psychiat., 46 (2), 292 299. Ghilardi, N., Ziegler, S., Wiestner, A., Stoffel, R., Heim, M.H. & Skoda, R.C. (1996) Defective STAT signaling by the leptin receptor in diabetic mice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 93 (13), 6231 6235. Golden, N.H., Kreitzer, P., Jacobson, M.S., Chasalow, F.I., Schebendach, J., Freedman, S.M. & Shenker, I.R. (1994) Disturbances in growth hormone secretion and action in adolescents with anorexia nervosa. J. Pediatr., 125 (4), 655 660. Grandison, L. & Guidotti, A. (1977) Stimulation of food intake by muscimol and beta endorphin. Neuropharmacology, 16 (7 8), 533 536. Grignaschi, G., Sironi, F. & Samanin, R. (1996) Stimulation of 5-HT2A receptors in the paraventricular hypothalamus attenuates neuropeptide Y-induced hyperphagia through activation of corticotropin releasing factor. Brain Res., 708, (1 2), 173 176. Grinspoon, S., Gulick, T., Askari, H., Landt, M., Lee, K., Anderson, E., Ma, Z., Vignati, L., Bowsher, R., Herzog, D. & Klibanski, A. (1996) Serum leptin levels in women with anorexia nervosa. J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab., 81 (11), 3861 3863. Hall, A., Leibrich, J., Walkey, F.H. & Welch, G. (1986) Investigation of weight pathology of 58 mothers of anorexia nervosa patients and 204 mothers of schoolgirls. Psychol. Med., 16 (1), 71 76. Halmi, K.A. & Sunday, S. R. (1991) Temporal patterns of hunger and fullness ratings and related cognitions in anorexia and bulimia. Appetite, 16 (3), 219 237. Hanson, L. (1999) Olanzepine in the treatment of anorexia nervosa (letter). Br. J. Psychiat., 175 (592). Harris, R.B., Kasser, T.R. & Martin, R.J. (1986) Dynamics of recovery of body composition after overfeeding, food restriction or starvation of mature female rats. J. Nutr., 116 (12), 2536 2546. Hebebrand, J., Blum, W.F., Barth, N., Coners, H., Englaro, P., Juul, A., Ziegler, A., Warnke, A., Rascher, W. & Remschmidt, H. (1997) Leptin levels in patients with anorexia nervosa are reduced in the acute stage and elevated upon short-term weight restoration [see comments]. Mol. Psychiat., 2 (4), 330 334. Hebebrand, J. & Remschmidt, H. (1995) Anorexia nervosa viewed as an extreme weight condition: genetic implications. Hum. Genet., 95 (1), 1 11. Heisler, L.K., Chu, H.M. & Tecott, L.H. (1998) Epilepsy and obesity in serotonin 5-HT2C receptor mutant mice , Ann. NY Acad. Sci., 861, 74 78. Herpertz, S., Albers, N., Wagner, R., Pelz, B., Kopp, W., Mann, K., Blum, W.F., Senf, W. & Hebebrand, J. (2000) Longitudinal changes of circadian leptin, insulin and cortisol plasma levels and their correlation during refeeding in patients with anorexia nervosa. Eur. J. Endocrinol., 142 (4), 373 379. Herpertz, S., Wagner, R., Albers, N., Blum, W.F., Pelz, B., Langkafel, M., Kopp, W., Henning, A., Oberste-Berghaus, C., Mann, K., Senf, W. & Hebebrand, J. (1998) Circadian plasma leptin levels in patients with anorexia nervosa: Relation to insulin and cortisol. Horm. Res., 50 (4), 197 204. Herve, C. & Fellmann, D. (1997) Changes in rat melanin-concentrating hormone and dynorphin messenger ribonucleic acids induced by food deprivation. Neuropeptides, 31 (3), 237 242.
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Effects of Pollution on Fish
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their positions. The location- nding system uses trilateration and speed-of-sound to estimate the distance between the objects and reference points from TOA measurements. Ubisense is another location- nding systems used for creating smart spaces. Ubisensors mounted on walls use UWB signals to communicate with Ubitags carried by objects in the environment. As a result, the Ubisensors locate those objects [21]. CORTEX s Smart room [5] is an EU project. When someone enters the sentient room, her identity is captured by a device in the room and it starts to behave intelligently in her preferred way. EasyLiving [34] is a ubiquitous computing project developed by Microsoft Research. It aims at developing architecture and technologies for building intelligent environments. Smart Surroundings [11, 26] is an EU project and the aim is to investigate, de ne, develop and demonstrate the core architectures and frameworks for future ambient systems. It projects that people will be surrounded by embedded and exibly networked systems that provide easily accessible yet unobtrusive support for an open-ended range of activities, enriching daily life and increasing productivity at work. This idea requires ubiquitous computing. Although ActiveBat and Ubisense only provide location information to the users and do not promise to create intelligent information, they are mentioned in this category in order to give some examples of the rst home/of ce ubiquitous computing applications. Characteristics and requirements of the given scenarios are summarized in Table 2.3. There is no con ict in the common features dictated by the application domain. Some application-dependent features such as fault tolerance also seem to be common. Additionally, varying requirements such as heterogenity exist in the scenarios. 2.5.3. Logistics (L) Logistics is a hot research eld for new micro and nanotechnologies. With the use of distributed networked sensors, a product can readily be followed from production until it is delivered to the end-user. For this purpose, it may cover a large geographical area and many diverse entities in order to establish communication between entities involved in the application. Therefore, a high degree of distribution may be required. Also, a manufacturer or company would like to minimize its expenses in order to increase its pro t. For a corporation, the maintenance cost of a logistics application is a signi cant parameter in order to decide to establish it or not. In logistics applications, it is not easy to let humans interfere with individual components of the system at any time for maintenance purposes. Therefore providing a fault tolerant system is important for this class. The system must also be able to serve to a scale of hundreds or thousands of inventories as well as to tens of them. Mobility and localization of the components are basic requirements of the applications in this category. Table 2.4 summarizes the common and application-dependent characteristics of logistics applications. Due to the fact that many logistics applications bene t from the RFID technology, there are only a few scenarios mentioned in this category: CoBIs-Collaborative
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Cost Reduction and Control Best Practices
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