12: Radio Aspects in .NET

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civil penalties associated with violations of applicable statutes and noncompliance with the ICP. Top management chain of command. Designate a high-ranking company officer, such as in-house counsel or vice president, with ultimate responsibility for administering the ICP, says Hilsabeck. Compliance officer. In addition, a focal compliance officer should be designated, with responsibility to field questions and concerns from employees, she says. Hilsabeck advises that the ICP spell out the responsibilities of this individual and his or her scope of authority. A backup individual should also be designated. Written procedures. A company export compliance manual should contain policies and procedures designed to prevent both intentional and unintentional violations of U.S. export laws. I recommend a product matrix, says Hilsabeck, to ensure proper classification of exports, since an error here can quickly escalate into compliance violations down the line. Routine procedures for screening denied or restricted parties and for weapons proliferation should be put in place if applicable. Any required export licenses or license exceptions should be spelled out in the manual, along with any and all applicable country policies. It s important, says Hilsabeck, that these policies and procedures are clear and easy to understand by all company employees and that they are communicated effectively throughout the organization. Training. Organize a routine program, Hilsabeck counsels, of comprehensive training on the company s ICP and the relevant laws and regulations. Updates to the ICP and news of regulatory changes should be communicated to employees as necessary. Send key company personnel to regular export seminars and conferences, Hilsabeck advises. Document retention policy. The ICP should include an official company policy governing retention of all export transaction records (the legal requirement is five years for exports). Also perform periodic audits of the records maintained, says Hilsabeck. Internal audits. These should be designed to provide reasonable assurance that the company s export ICP objectives are being met, Hilsabeck explains. An audit strategy should be developed that detects specific compliance violations and patterns of activity or employee conduct that could result in ongoing or repetitive violations. Suspected noncompliance matters. It s essential, says Hilsabeck, to create an atmosphere in which employees feel encouraged to report violations of the ICP to the designated compliance administrators. Once such a report has been made, it is crucial to follow up by rapidly investigating and when necessary consulting in-house or outside counsel for advice on how to proceed. Export process. The company s export ICP should flowchart your export process from order entry to the record-retention stage, says Hilsabeck. The ICP should define and outline all export documentation requirements, including destination control statements on invoices and packing slips and proper execution of Shippers Export Declaration-Automated Export System (SED-
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he history of modern policing as we know it can be traced to London in 1828 when Sir Robert Peel introduced a bill to provide for a trained and uniformed police force. The force, because of Peel s backing, quickly became known as bobbies or peelers. Encouraged by this development, New York City followed the same path in 1844, when the old Night Watch was legislated out of existence. In 1845 the first shield was introduced. The device has a rather peculiar history. Up until that time the police preferred to patrol in civilian clothes, seeing uniforms as a British custom not befitting freeborn Americans. The eight-pointed, star-shaped copper shield was worn on civilian clothes to denote the wearer as a police officer. These persons quickly became known as coppers or cops. In New York City, formal training and official uniforms would not appear until 1853.1 Although there is much detailed history related to the subsequent development of policing in New York City and other locations throughout the United States, from this simple beginning the structure of modern law enforcement was laid. As it grew and evolved, it faced challenges both great and varied: draft riots during the Civil War, bandits of various ilk in the unsettled West; the fear of sedition during World War I; Prohibition and the rise of organized crime; black marketeering and military preparedness during World War II; the civil unrest of the 1960s; and, of course, drugs. As the 1960s began to meld into the 1970s, despite the best efforts of law enforcement, crime continued to be one of the leading concerns of the public. In 1968, crime was the number-one domestic issue cited in the Gallup poll, the first time that had ever occurred. Crime rates were soaring, with the FBI reporting the following increases per 100,000 persons in the U.S. population between 1969 and 1970:2
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The application assembler combines enterprise beans and possibly other software components and elements into a deployable application. Typically, the application assembler must be adept in the firm s business and with the particulars of how the application s components work together. The inputs received by the application assembler are the ejb-jar files produced by the enterprise bean provider. The outputs delivered are these ejb-jar files with deployment descriptors modified to reflect the environment s particulars. The application assembler can be one or more programmers that write glue code that binds together several classes provided by the bean provider. Possibly, the application assembler needs to tweak a user interface to fine-tune a particular process. A good description of the application assembler s ultimate responsibility is to do whatever must be
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Fig. 8.3 The anatomy of the visual pathways, and the three common types of lesion occurring therein.
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Consider the following two cases. Both involve consent, although in subtly different ways. Consent might be de ned as an expressed agreement to a procedure based on a level of information that would be suf cient to satisfy the giver of that information if he were
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>>> >>> >>> >>> [1, >>> [4, l = [1, 2, 3] m = list(l) # new list m[0] = 4 print l 2, 3] print m 2, 3]
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