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Title Search. There is a fee to have the ownership of the property you are buying investigated to make sure the seller really owns the property. Title Insurance. This is an insurance policy that protects you in case someone ever claims to own the house and land you are buying. Casualty Insurance. You will have to pay the f irst premium on the f ire and casualty insurance on the home you are buying. Fuel Adjustment. If the house has oil heat, for example, you will have to pay the seller the estimated value of the heating oil in the house at the date of sale. Legal Fees. You will have to pay a fee to the attorney who represents you in the house purchase and who reviews all the
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In 1993, Commission 7 of UIC approved a recommendation to choose GSM as the basis for the new standard. This was the result of a thorough study; there were technical and economical reasons for the selection. This recommendation was re-examined and re-con rmed in 1995. The nal choice had had to be made between
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The personal transformation that took place that October night in 1975 didn t mean that Liniger had suddenly lost his rough edges or his mode of constant battle. But the success of RE/MAX was rooted in that meeting. From that day forward, it seemed, a different level of energy was present in the organization. The Crack Marketing Team went on the road, while Gail, Fisher, and Jesperson held down the fort in Denver. As time went on, the boundary between work life and home life continued to blur. They went through marriage problems together (and divorces), slept on each other s couches when things were bad, and looked after each other whenever health or family issues knocked any of them down. Every night, they worked late, then drank together even later, and got back at it early the next morning. They were inseparable in and out of work, bought motor homes and boats, and took family trips together. No matter how bad things got, they managed to have fun; and inevitably they became best friends. The Colorado operation was growing rapidly. RE/MAX added its first franchise in Kansas City through Dennis Curtin in 1976. Offices opened in Calgary, Alberta, and in Washington, D.C. Within two years, RE/MAX grew to 100 franchises. In early 1977, it divided the country into regions and sold master franchises. Every region that opened went through the same pattern of struggle: the letter writing campaigns, the anonymous accusations, the rumors about bad ethics. Its almost laughable predictability gave other regional owners the courage and the tenacity to see themselves through. As RE/MAX grew, it became more sophisticated to run. The franchise agreements that had once been scribbled on cocktail napkins or pads of yellow paper grew in length. Every time RE/MAX ran into a problem, a new contract provision got added or an existing one amended. RE/MAX was a madhouse, barely under control; and it continued to transform the lives of those inside and to make believers of them along the way. One such believer was Frank Polzler, an Austrian who emigrated to
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SOFTWARE PRODUCTIVITY The progress of software development from the 1940s to the 1980s was remarkable. The basic concepts of programming were developed during this thirtyyear period, and programming changed from moving wires and setting mechanical switches to writing software using 1 s and 0 s of machine language; then to assemblers, interpreters, compilers, and operating systems; all for mainframes, minicomputers, and nally for PCs. Software for personal computers was a revolution in itself because it democratized programming allowing more and more natural artists to emerge. All the while, changes in software development were being made all in the attempt to nd ways to constantly improve productivity. But to improve it, it is important to be able to measure it. One such approach to the problem of measurement that was introduced is the Halstead measure. It is based on four numbers de ned in such a way as to be determined directly from a programmer s code: the numbers of interest are the number of distinct operators, the number of distinct operands, the total number of operators, and the total number of operands. However, this and other methods of measuring productivity have not been satisfactory. Although using the number of lines of code, for example, as a measure may be appropriate within an order of magnitude, it is far from an accurate measure by itself. Another measure, the Logical Source Lines of Code (SLOC), is based on the number of executable statements. However, this at best is an inaccurate measure. Nevertheless, while it is clear that the evolution of software generations has brought substantial improvements in the productivity of software, probably several orders of magnitude, this still doesn t compare with the nine orders of magnitude (one billion-fold increase) that occurred during the same time in the hardware domain, according to Moore s Law. Why One of the reasons is that, while we have been able to use microchip technology to automatically design and manufacture other microchips, we haven t yet mastered the automatic writing of even simple software. But this may be coming. One issue to decide is whether programming should be done from the top down (command organization) or from the bottom up (i.e., through open source self-organizing structures). If we had good indicators of software productivity, what would they tell us And what are the factors that in uence software productivity And how can we optimize them to improve it Consider a large-scale software system (LSS) that is developed by a team of developers in a top down fashion. If productivity measures are applied to the work products of small-scale software elements, major differences, often more than an order of magnitude, can be seen for different programmers, different programs, or both; some believe that the top down approach of large-scale programming efforts can substantially reduce this variance.
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where c t is the normalized, undelayed C=A-code waveform as transmitted, t is the signal propagation delay, a is the signal amplitude, f is the carrier phase, and n t is Gaussian receiver thermal noise having at power spectral density. Pseudoranging consists of estimating the delay parameter t. As we have previously seen, an optimal estimate (i.e., a minimum-variance unbiased estimate) of t can be obtained by forming the cross-correlation function T2 R t r t cr t t dt 5:31
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