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indication that you did not claim all to which you were entitled.) A written response to this office action, called either a Response or an Amendment, addressing all of the issues raised by the patent examiner, must be prepared and filed a task for which the practitioner bills by the hour. Additionally, the practitioner may interview the examiner, either by telephone or in person. In response to all of this, the examiner will, in several months, generally issue a second office action. At this point, the practitioner can usually advise whether: (1) it is highly unlikely that any worthwhile patent protection will be obtained; (2) a patent will likely issue in due course; or (3) the examiner doesn t understand, is unreasonable, or is being stubborn, necessitating an appeal or other lengthy and expensive procedures. Possibilities (1) and (2) make for an easy decision. Dealing with possibility (3) is one of those situations in which decision makers earn their pay. Once a patent issues, the Patent Office file, known as the file wrapper, is laid open to the public. Patent attorneys avidly study file wrappers as an aid to understanding the meaning of various terms and the scope of the patent claims (not surprisingly, such study is time-consuming and, hence, costly).
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8.5 Trends in retailing
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tichum had low seed viability, which may have limited regeneration (Sharitz and Lee, 1985a). In Buttonland Swamp most aquatically dispersing seeds of swamp species (e.g., Taxodium distichum and Cephalanthus occidentalis) were dead by June or July of the following growing season (Figure 7-3). Seeds that remain submerged may stay viable for a longer period of time than those that are not submerged. Although seeds of Taxodium distichum germinated after 7 weeks of submergence in University Lake near the campus of Louisiana State University, they did not germinate after 14 months (Applequist, 1959). In the same study, a large number of seeds of Nyssa aquatica were viable after 7 and 14 months, but not after 21 months of submergence. In another study, most seeds of Taxodium distichum were dead after 30 months of storage in water (Demaree, 1932). After 15 weeks of oating in water, the majority of seeds of Planera aquatica (82.9 percent) germinated when transferred to drawndown conditions (Rayner, 1976). Submerged seeds of Quercus pagoda had a lower viability than this after 34 days, but seeds of Quercus nuttallii were unaffected (Briscoe, 1961). The seeds of herbaceous species and liverworts in cypress swamp seed or spore banks may or may not be longer-lived than those of woody species, but many of these species do not rely only on water for dispersal (Table 7-3) (Middleton, 2000). Aquatic liverworts do rely primarily on ood pulsing to renew their spore bank, at least in baldcypress-tupelo swamps. After one year in soil in plots adjacent to Buttonland Swamp, liverwort spore viability dropped by 33 to 50 percent. Old eld species of bryophytes relied on local dispersal rather than hydrochory (Conrad, 1997). Knowledge of the speci c life history dynamics of herbaceous and liverwort species and their relationship to the water regime is critical to their successful restoration in forested wetlands. Studies of the seed banks of farmed land that was originally cypress swamp also suggest that seeds do not live very long in the soil (Table 7-6). In an old eld adjacent to Buttonland Swamp, the viable seed bank of water-dispersed species ends abruptly near the high-water mark (e.g., Cephalanthus occidentalis) (Figure 7-6). After one to three years of farming, most seeds of woody species are dead and no longer stored in the seed bank (Newling, 1990; Middleton, 1995a, 1996, 1999). In contrast, at least some species of prairie wetlands survive many decades of farming (Dahl and Nomsen, 1987; Wienhold and van der Valk, 1989; Warne, 1992), even
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hese notes have been prepared to serve as a companion to the material presented in this book. At the outset we should admit that the material is a little schizophrenic. For example, we spend quite a bit of time on the de nition of a random variable and how to calculate expected values and standard deviations (topics from rst-year college statistics books); then, we jump over material that is not relevant to credit portfolio management and deal with more advanced applications of the material presented at the beginning. At this point, you should ask: What has been skipped over and does it matter Most of the omitted material is related to hypothesis testing, which is important generally in statistics, but not essential to understanding credit portfolio models or credit risk management. Though there are some complex-looking expressions in this document and even an integral or two, those of you not mathematically inclined should not worry it is unlikely that you will ever need to know the formula for the gamma distribution or to actually calculate some of the probabilities we discuss. What you need is some common sense and familiarity with the concepts so that you can get past the technical details and into questions about the reasonableness of an approach, the implications of a given type of model, things to look out for, and so on. These notes are divided into three sections. The rst covers basic material, the second covers more advanced applications of the basic material, and the last section describes probability distributions used in credit risk modeling and can be used as a handy reference.
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FIGURE 9.2 maple code for Example 9.2.
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Extending the Franco-German experimental programme itself to other countries would have raised problems, and would have delayed the process. But most of the other components of the Franco-German co-operation agreement could easily be extended to other European countries. The rst one to join was Italy. A tripartite agreement was signed on 20th June 1985 by Jacques Dondoux for DGT, W. Florian for DBP, D. Gagliardi for the Italian Ministry and P. Giacometti for SIP. The stated objectives were to jointly support the work of the GSM group, to place manufacturers of the three countries in a position to resist competition from extra-European manufacturers and to set up co-ordinated plans for the earliest possible implementation of a compatible service covering the three countries. Two areas for co-operation were identi ed: the co-ordination of R&D activities and the co-ordination of operation plans. With regard to the rst one the agreement included the same clauses on the circulation of information and intellectual property conditions of the R&D contracts as in the Franco-German agreement. One annex described the work undertaken by DBP and DGT in the framework of their joint experimental programme. Another one described the various R&D activities of SIP. Compared to the Franco-German agreement, this agreement was of course lacking the substance of a joint R&D programme but it went further in two directions: co-ordinating the views of the three countries on the issues debated at CEPT level, and co-ordinating the future implementation of the standard, something which later became the mission of the GSM MoU group of signatories.
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There is little relationship between the size of a law firm and
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Vertical System Functions
Air-conditioning compressor Water boiler Asphalt shingle roof Wood shingle roof Electrical service panel Hot water heater Shower pan Warm air furnace New drainage system Sump pump/pit Replace plumbing system Replace sections $800 $1,200 2,000 3,000 1,500 2,500 3,200 5,000 800 1,500 350 600 900 1,600 1,500 2,200 3,500 5,000 600 800 3,000 5,000 300 800
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