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Issues in Counseling and Therapeutic Interventions in the Schools
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The ideal inexpensive house is one that is simply underpriced. Typically, the owners have lived there for 20, 30, or more years and just can t comprehend that the house they bought for $10,000 is now worth $225,000. They offer the house for sale, at $180,000, on a Saturday morning, and by Saturday afternoon there are a half-dozen offers, all at the full asking price. If you arrived at 9:15 in the morning, yours could have been the f irst offer. Other sources of bargain houses: Foreclosed Houses. Check with lenders and brokers in the area. Lenders call foreclosed houses real estate owned (REOs), and they sell such houses through brokers or at sheriff s auctions. If you re interested in a foreclosed house, you might be able to arrange favorable f inancing, including minimal down payments. Also check with your local Department of Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Administration, Federal National Mortgage Association, and Farmers Home Administration, which sometimes also sell foreclosed houses. A danger presented by foreclosed houses is that there may be liens you don t know about. Use some of the money you save on the price and down payment to hire an experienced lawyer. For free information about foreclosures online, go to www.MetroRealtyGroup.com, or phone 301-946-9600. At an auction, you will need earnest money to bid $2,000 in cash, certif ied check, or cashier s check for a onefamily house, and $5,000 for a group of units. Lenders will usually be available to help you with a mortgage if your bid is accepted. Tax-Delinquency Sales. You can learn about them from a county clerk s off ice. Tax-delinquency auctions are similar to auctions of foreclosed houses, but here you bid to pay the outstanding taxes. Properties are sold as is, and you may not even have a chance to inspect them. Worse yet, the current owner may have two years to redeem the property by paying the back taxes and all you ll receive is a return of your payment plus interest. Even if you succeed in buying such a house, there may be liens you don t know about. Housing for First-Time Home Buyers. Around 48 states have programs for f irst-time home buyers that allow them to obtain mortgages with as little as 5 percent down (but with private mortgage insurance see 13). These programs also give a break on the interest rate perhaps two to two and one-half
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Like C O RBA, C O M does not have any primitives to define the visibility of operations. All operations that are declared in a C O M interface are available to clients. There is, however, a way to hide operations of a C O M object from clients. This is simply not to expose them in any interface that the C O M object implements. C O M s flexible interface mechanism can also be exploited to provide client-specific views on C O M objects. To do this with C O RBA, implementations would use multiple inheritance to inherit from the implementation skeletons of more than one interface. Thus, multiple interfaces in C O M provide similar expressiveness as multiple inheritance in C O RBA. Operations can have parameters. In MIDL, the parameterization is annotated by attributes given in square brackets. [ i n ] parameters are supplied by clients, [ o u t ] parameters are returned bythe C O M object to a client and [ i n , o u t ] parameters are supplied parameters that are modified bythe C O M object. In this respect, the C O M and C O RBA object models are very similar.
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Once it became apparent that an ITA scheme was required it was clear that a body was needed in addition to the TAP group to oversee the general technical issues, procedures and mechanisms of ITA. A group was therefore established called the Type Approval Advisory Board (TAAB) which initially reported to the GSM MoU group. The interim type approval scheme introduced for GSM was based on a CEPT recommendation (CEPT REC T/R 21-08) and a resolution by the Technical Regulations Application Committee (TRAC) on the introduction of NET 10. The TAAB group handled problems encountered during type approval and gave advice to the type approval authorities concerned on actions to be taken to ensure a harmonised and
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Reforming property rights
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Increase Cost Sharing and Consider Self-Funding Issue: A manufacturing company in Pennsylvania was contemplating how to make its employees more aware of the real cost of health care. It has become more aggressive in sharing health benefits costs with employees. For example, last year it increased copays for office visits by 100% and increased employee contributions for dental coverage. Even so, the company s controller said, we still pick up 60% of our plan costs. The company also began to self-fund its dental plan. With all these changes, the company expects to save $150,000 this plan year.
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