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It is a truism that we are drowning in a surfeit of data. Some large organisations hold terabytes of information about their own processes and on the customers. This was even true before businesses adopted a widely networked approach to data collection and before they began trading electronically with their customers and suppliers and it is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. The buzz-phrase of today is knowledge management, the conversion of this raw data to meaningful information set within the context of the business model and thus potentially capable of supporting planning and decision-making. Knowledge is not seen as passive; rather it is considered to be a ltered, focused, attributable and intelligible input to real business processes, without which they will not perform effectively. Much has been written on the subject, but as yet, a lot more remains to be proved. Rather than advance more theory, we shall concentrate on a number of implementation issues concerned with handling the information explosion.
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cell throughput is slightly lower in the case of code-multiplexing. This is caused by the higher overhead from having two HS-SCCHs per cell as well as the additional scheduling constraints from having to schedule two users per TTI. The cell capacity with all 15 codes is approximately 2.0 Mbps when code-multiplexing is used.
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Combining the two reservation schemes with the two release schemes results in the following four possibilities: immediate reservation/explicit release, immediate reservation/timed release, delayed reservation/explicit release, and delayed reservation/timed release (see Figure 12.8). Each of these schemes has advantages and disadvantages. For example, when timed release is implemented, the OBS core node knows the exact length of the burst. Thus, it can release the resources immediately upon burst departure. This results in shorter occupation periods and thus higher network throughput than in the explicit release. The difficulty, however, is that the timedrelease schemes require complicated scheduling and their performance greatly depends on whether the offset estimates are correct. On the contrary, the immediate reservation/explicit release scheme requires no scheduling. It is easier to implement, but it occupies the switching fabrics for longer periods than the actual burst transmission. Therefore, it may result in a high burst loss. In the OBS literature, the three most popular OBS variants are Just-In-Time (JIT) [44], Just-Enough-Time (JET) [45], and horizon. They mainly differ based on their wavelength reservation schemes. The JIT protocol utilizes the immediate reservation scheme while the JET protocol uses the delayed reservation scheme. The horizon reservation scheme can be classified as somewhere between immediate and delayed. In horizon, upon receipt of the control packet, the control unit scheduler assigns the wavelength whose deadline (horizon) to become free is closest to the time before the burst arrives.
2: The Agreement on the Concepts and the Basic Parameters of the GSM Standard (mid-1982 to mid-1987)
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