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5.1.2 Oestrogenic and antioestrogenic effects
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much will it save That all-important ROI calculation is the tool you can use to answer those two questions in a format that both finance and management appreciate. The following is an ROI case study presented by T-Mobile USA (Bellevue, Washington) at a recent training conference. The technology at T-Mobile USA, an international wireless service provider, moves at wireless speed, making instructorled training at multiple company locations a costly and inefficient way to provide training. Mike Bennett, manager of engineering and operations training, and his team provide training for T-Mobile s engineering, risk management (safety), and customer care staff. The engineering courses are generally delta classes training that covers the difference between a current product release and an updated version. Because it is impossible to keep its internal trainers up to date on product releases, the company relies on training experts from its product lines, such as Nortel and Ericsson, to provide the training. This adds to the expense because the instructor fee is approximately $2,000 per day and the trainers must travel to various locations. The conclusion was obvious, Bennett said. We had to figure out how to use technology to educate more people for less money. He began to investigate virtual classroom products and vendors with an eye to cost control, flexibility, and easy rollout. On July 1, 2001, T-Mobile USA partnered with Elluminate, Inc., to create an initiative called ElluminateLive! T-Mobile was Elluminate s first commercial customer; it had worked primarily in education in its former incarnation as TutorsEdge. T-Mobile s first virtual classroom went live in August 2001. By March 2003, the company had Internet access to ElluminateLive! By January 2004, with two additional licenses, Elluminate was providing training to 200 concurrent users on three servers. The impressive part, said Bennett, was the nearly immediate return on the company s investment in virtual classrooms for training. ROI was particularly important for Bennett because the company s education budgets reside outside of his department, in the various markets and regional offices, and managers pay close attention to such things. To prove the cost benefits of the virtual classroom approach, Bennett made the following assumptions: The average salary for field technician and engineer trainees (excluding benefits) is $50,000. All ROI scenarios are based on actual classes and represent real training numbers. Travel costs are estimates. Program cost is based on the Elluminate contract, although Bennett cannot disclose the terms of T-Mobile s contract with Elluminate.
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PATTERNS What does it take to recognize patterns of discovery In the Introduction, we suggested that recognizing patterns was like becoming a master chess player. Achieving the status of a chess master consists of three simple steps. First, we need to learn the rules such as the names of pieces, legal moves, chess board geometry, and orientation. Second, we must understand the basic principles including the relative value of the pieces, the strategic value of the center squares, and the power of a threat. Finally, we need to study the games of the masters, including those games containing de ning patterns like the Sicilian Defense. Similarly, recognizing patterns of discovery requires analogous steps:
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An interesting thing about unique situations is that no production costs are involved. Because of this, offering the owner a price is not an incentive as it may be when you pay a producer enough to make something for you. Instead, the price serves solely to transfer the right of ownership and usage from one person to another. A good example in this context is the mobile phone spectrum auction, which yielded the government 22.5 billion in 2000. Because the spectrum is in fixed supply and the government controls that supply, by law and convention, they were able to auction off the spectrum and received high bids. Mobile networks bought at high prices, because no other means existed to supply the spectrum.
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Sixth nerve palsy
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a distribution are chosen at random from any reasonable distribution, then any unfaithful distribution has measure zero. But the problem is that this is not the correct set of distributions to look at. When trying to infer causal influence, we have to take into account all distributions that could be mistaken for an unfaithful distribution. Indeed, the true probability distribution in our example may very well be faithful, that is, murderer and sentence may actually be marginally dependent. But the distribution in the sample is so close to an independent distribution that it may very well be confused with one. In addition, the special parameter assignments leading to unfaithful distributions may have high probability. For example, it would be reasonable to assume that two variables are governed by the same probability distribution if they were the results of structurally equivalent processes like two identical clocks, which always show the same time, even if they run independently. Yet such an assumption can lead to an unfaithful distribution, especially in a situation in which common cause and common effect assumption interact. For instance, for a Fredkin gate [Fredkin and Toffoli 1982] (a universal gate for computations in conservative logic, see Figure 9.5), the two outputs C and D are independent if the two inputs A and B assume the value 1 with the same probability. In this case, as one can easily verify, the causal direction assigned to the connection A C depends on whether the variables A, B, and C or the variables A, C, and D are observable.
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the merger of the banking groups of Swiss Bank Corporation and Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in 1998. Traditional nancial markets are at a strategic in ection point, said McNulty. The winners will be de ned by how they apply new technologies and globalize their business the most ef ciently. The CME members and staff have consistently been agents of change in the nancial markets, and I am excited to take the exchange through the next phase of its evolution. A member of Warburg Dillon Read s Corporate Finance Technology Committee, McNulty recently designed and launched a global Corporate Finance Web portal incorporating more than 20 sector and product Web sites. At SBC, he was responsible for designing a number of the risk management advisor tools which the rm used to advise multinational corporations and investment managers. Prior to his current responsibilities at Warburg Dillon Read, McNulty was Co-head of Emerging Market Equities and served as investment banker for a number of U.S. and Mexican corporations. He founded SBC s Mexican Equity Derivative alliance with Banamex and its af liates. He was previously North American Head of Interest Rate Corporate Coverage, Global Manager of the Structured Transactions Group and founder of the Risk Management Advisor Program for SBC. From 1984 to 1987, McNulty was the founder and President of Hayes & Grif th Futures, Inc. He was also a director of Intermarket Publishing Corporation. He has held foreign exchange management positions with the Harris Bank and served as Citibank s Treasurer in Mexico City in the early 1980s. Euromonev Currency Reports named McNulty the top foreign exchange forecaster in 1982 and in 1983. Throughout the course of his career, McNulty has traded or supervised trading in virtually all of the nancial futures and options at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. McNulty is a popular international public speaker to top executives of major corporations on the topics of shareholder value creation, cost of capital, capital structure and dividend policy. Said John Dugan, formerly Chief Executive Of cer for SBC in the Americas and Managing Partner of O Connor & Associates: You cannot be in the same room with Jim without feeling excited about the future and glad to be alive. McNulty earned a bachelor s degree in liberal arts and sciences from the University of Illinois in Chicago, and a master s degree in Anglo-Irish studies from University College Dublin in Ireland. His wife, Jamie K. Thorsen, is Executive Managing Director and Global Head of Foreign Exchange at the Bank of Montreal. They reside in the Chicago area with their two sons. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is a global marketplace trading futures and options on futures on agricultural commodities, foreign currencies, interest rates and stock indexes, as well as weather-related products.
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