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Table of Contents
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2. When the seller takes back a purchase money mortgage from you (acts as the bank for part of the purchase price), generally the seller wants as large a down payment as possible to protect himself or herself in case the value of the house declines. This is because if you ever stop making the payments on your mortgage (default), the lender (or seller who holds your purchase money mortgage) will take back the house and sell it. If the house is worth less than what he or she lent you because the market is soft, the lender/seller will lose money.
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2.2.1 Use Case Diagrams
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REMOVE SPARE-PARTS INVENTORY The primary question being asked within the service parts sector today is: Do service organizations really need to own the entire spare-parts supply chain and maintain inventory to satisfy the demanding service level agreements (SLAs) Peter Manni, vice president of national support services for Siemens Business Services, Inc., does not think so. He has been instrumental in developing a process that not only enables Siemens to achieve the balance between inventory stocking and SLA, but also eliminates the company from holding an inventory position and incurring warehousing costs. His initiative is responsible for eliminating $1.5 million in total annual costs, while also achieving significant improvements in all key metrics and processes. Rejecting the Traditional Model Every service company has to be a little smarter than its competitor and constantly take cost out of the equation to keep maximizing profitability, Manni stated at Interlog 2004 Winter. The cost of inventory and obsolescence in the service business is absolutely astronomical, and the cost of personnel to manage the inventory is an issue, he continued, in describing the traditional spare-parts model. Then there is the brick-and-mortar cost of the warehouse, in addition to all the other ancillary costs that go along to support the warehousing operation. The cost structure is such, he maintains, that going forward we can t be all things to everybody. It is best to focus on a few things; we must focus on our sweet spot, and quite frankly, most service organizations are very poor at managing the supply chain. Once Siemens reached this conclusion, Manni embarked on an innovative path for the service parts community. Time for a Partner Manni s response was an attempt to establish partnership relationships with his key suppliers. Realizing that they couldn t do it all alone, Siemens sought partners with whom it could work under a win-win philosophy, and establish a relationship based on trust. Partners absolutely can play a key role in supporting the service event lifecycle, he declared. We have a great relationship with our partners, and we meet with them on a quarterly basis in a business environment, Manni explained. But it s also very important to have that give-and-take personal relationship.
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Fourteen New Zealand advocates and ve English barristers were interviewed between 1995 96 and 1997 98 respectively concerning a range of issues relating to child sex abuse trials. The individual interviews lasted between one and three hours each. The New Zealand group included four specialist prosecutors and ten defence counsel. The English counsel, as is conventional in England, all acted on both sides. This chapter discusses the respondents opinions concerning the plausibility of a series of possible defences in court. Such a small sample cannot, of course, be regarded as representative of lawyers in each country but it may give some indications as to views within each profession. In the study the respondents were asked to comment on four defences to child sexual abuse allegations that are often criticised by researchers as implausible and prejudicial. The defences were, rst, that an adult had misled the child by suggestion into believing he or she had been abused; second, that the child was coached to make false allegations knowingly; and, third, that the child fantasised the attack. The fourth defence was that the child lied deliberately and maliciously. The respondents were invited to suggest any other common defences but all agreed that the list comprised the main defences. Any additional reasons volunteered appeared to be subsets of the main four. This chapter argues that the respondents discussions of the defences are indicative of a negative view of childhood generally and a sceptical view of child sex assault complainants especially. This viewpoint contrasts strongly with current psychological research suggesting that children are capable witnesses. The chapter also charts some signi cant correspondences between defences to children s allegations of abuse and defences to adult women s allegations of rape.
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Calculation of Interconnection Capacitances
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1. Portfolio Manager is the trademark of KMV LLC. 2. The discussions concerning the Moody s KMV Global Correlation Model are based on notes we took in meetings with KMV in 1999. 3. RiskMetrics is a registered servicemark of JP Morgan Chase & Co. and is used by RiskMetrics Group, Inc. under license. CreditManager is a trademark owned by or licensed to RiskMetrics Group, Inc. in the United States and other countries. 4. CreditManager does not make any assumptions about asset growth. As we will see, this approach calibrates the default and migration
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to chapters in which a fuller discussion is present. There are three major elements in the chain associated with different planning horizons: long term, short term, and midterm.
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