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parasitic elements for the interconnections have been calculated by the network analog method applied to the 3D interconnection structures in layered lossy media including the frequency-dependent coupling between the crossing lines. The step response for a pair of crossing lines in the SiO2 medium is shown in Fig. 3.6.4. The schematic of the interconnections is shown in the inset. The line widths and the separation are 10 mm each, length is 3 mm, and terminations are 100  each. For a two-level interconnection structure consisting of four lines in the Si SiO2 system, the SPICE results for the step response are shown in Fig. 3.6.5. The geometry of the interconnection structure and its schematic are shown in Figs. 3.6.5a and b, respectively, with W H1 H2 2D S=2 5 mm, H3 250 mm, 10 mm, and Z 100 . The SPICE model parameters for this case can be obtained from Fig. 3.6.2 with N 4 to be: Normal-mode Normal-mode Normal-mode Normal-mode line line line line 1: 2: 3: 4: impedance impedance impedance impedance Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 11:23 55:16 49:79 179:7 ; ; ; ; delay delay delay delay Td Td Td Td 54:24 59:98 75:69 68:79 ps ps ps ps
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days or expelled from school. However, states are not required to provide special education and related services to youth ages 18 through 21 who are incarcerated in adult correctional facilities if they were not identified as disabled or did not have an individualized education program (IEP) prior to their incarceration (34 C.F.R. 300.311). Federal funds are provided to each state that develops an acceptable state plan. DOE may require revisions in state plans following changes in law or findings of compliance problems (34 C.F.R. 300.112). To ensure responsiveness to the needs of children with disabilities and their parents, the SEA must provide opportunities for public comment prior to a revision of its plan. Each state also must maintain an advisory panel for the purpose of providing policy guidance with respect to special education and related services for children within the state (34 C.F.R. 300.650). The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) within DOE monitors compliance with IDEA at the level of the state and only indirectly (e.g., through the review of the state plan). States are responsible for monitoring local school districts to ensure compliance with IDEA regulations and the state s plan (see Reschly & Bersoff, 1999). OSEP responds to written inquiries regarding interpretation of IDEA, but it does not attempt to enforce compliance at the level of the individual school district (Zirkel & Kincaid, 1993). Single Agency Responsibility In legislating IDEA-Part B, Congress sought to ensure that a single state agency was responsible for carrying out the requirements of the law (Turnbull & Turnbull, 2000). The single agency responsibility aspect of the law has several implications. First, under IDEA-Part B, the SEA is the agency responsible for monitoring all educational programs for children with disabilities ages 3 through 21 within the state and ensuring that they meet appropriate education standards. IDEA-Part B allows the SEA to delegate the responsibility to provide special education and related services to intermediate school districts (or other regional units) and local educational agencies (LEAs). An LEA is usually the board of education of a public school district, the educational administrative unit of a public institution (e.g., school for the deaf, blind), or a charter school that is established as an LEA under state law. The SEA must ensure that policies and programs administered by intermediate and local education agencies (LEAs) are in conformance with IDEA-Part B requirements. If an LEA is unable or unwilling to provide appropriate services under IDEA-Part B, the SEA must ensure that special education and related services are provided to students with disabilities residing in those areas (Turnbull & Turnbull, 2000). If a charter school is a part of an LEA, the LEA is
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namespace ppf { namespace math { template <class T> T epsilon() { return std::numeric limits<T>::epsilon(); } template <class T> T min BOOST PREVENT MACRO SUBSTITUTION () { return (std::numeric limits<T>::min)(); } template <class T> T max BOOST PREVENT MACRO SUBSTITUTION () { return (std::numeric limits<T>::max)(); } }} // namespace ppf::math #endif//!defined(LIMITS 5DDE828B 9989 44F5 9728 47AA72323D96 INCLUDED)
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public boolean isEdge2(); public boolean isCore(); public String getIngress(); public String getEgress(); public String getNextHopFor(InetAddress target); public boolean installCBQ(String egress, double bandwidth); public boolean setAFxClass(int AF_x, String egress, double bandwidth, double rate, int prio, boolean bounded, int DPs, int default_DP); public boolean setAFxyClass(int AF_x, int AF_y, byte DSCP_byte, String egress, int limit, int min_limit, int max_limit, int burst, double bandwidth, double probability, int prio); public boolean setBEClass(String egress, double bandwidth, double be_rate, int limit, int min_limit, int max_limit, int be_burst, double probability); public boolean setEFClass(String egress, double ef_rate, int ef_burst, double ef_mtu, int ef_limit); public boolean resetAccessLists(); public int createAccessList(int accesslist_id, String protocol, String source_ip, String destination_ip, int source_port, int destination_port); public void removeAccessList(int access_list_id); public int addMarker(int index, int accesslist_id, byte TOS, String egress, String ingress, int prio); public boolean removeMarker(int index); public boolean removeMarker(int index, int accesslist_id, byte TOS, String egress, String ingress, String prio); public int addMarkerPolicer(int index, String egress, String protocol, String src, String dst, int sport, int dport, int rate, int burst, int tos, int prio, String policy); public int addMarkerPolicerCISCO(int index, int accesslist_id, int rate, int min_burst, int max_burst, int conform_dscp, int exceed_dscp, int violate_dscp, String egress); public boolean removeMarkerPolicer(int index); public boolean removeMarkerPolicerCISCO(int index); public boolean removeMarkerPolicer(int index, String egress, int prio); public String monitorQdiscs(String iface); public String monitorClasses(String iface); public String monitorFilters(String iface); public void nish(); }
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Providing a comprehensive service to those suffering with eating disorders therefore demands manpower and expertise in a range of clinical settings. Treatment of severely ill people with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa ideally requires an integrated treatment team, coordinating medical, mental health, nursing, nutrition and other health professionals. These resources will necessarily be accessed through primary care, secondary care and tertiary/specialist centres. The Audit Commission in the UK states that services should be adjusted to the needs of the population and be acceptable, accessible, equitable, costeffective and of high quality (Audit Commission, 1997).
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