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For the communications industry, the motivation behind control plane progress mainly lies in the reduction of operational cost and better service delivery for carriers, which differs from the motivation for the use of such protocols with Grid computing. In the Grid computing community, research on the optical control plane and its progress is mainly aimed at meeting end-user and application requirements not necessarily service providers requirements. Most networks today provision end-toend connections using manual centralized management applications, in which the connection s end-points are usually an edge device on the network and are rather static in nature. With Grid computing, applications, sensors, and instruments may request on-demand end-to-end optical connections with endpoints at the application host (supercomputer, clusters, instruments, workstations, sensors). These connections will be more dynamic in nature than today s more static optical environment. The role of the control plane continues to evolve as more and more intelligence is added to network elements and the edge devices. Extending the control plane features to the outer edges of networking results in complete paradigm shifts in how networking is viewed. Current control plane functions include: routing, both intra-domain and inter-domain; automatic topology and resource discover; path computation; signaling protocols between network switches for the establishment and maintenance, and tear-down of connections; automatic neighbor discovery; local resource management to keep track of available bandwidth (and buffer in connection-oriented packet switches) resources on the switch s interfaces. GMPLS, a uni ed control plane
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FIGURE 4.23 Cash flow triangle.
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binson and Stokes introduced the concept of effective ionic radius (reff). They considered that, for very weakly solvated ions like tetraalkylammonium ions (R4N+), the effective ionic radius reff must be equal to the crystal ionic radius rx. They plotted the (reff/rs) vs rs relation for various R4N+ ions, and used it to obtain the values of reff for other ionic species. If reff is equal to the real radius of the ion solvated in the solution, we can estimate the solvation number nsv from:
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have three lesions, two esh-colored lesions on the left labia majora and one smaller periclitoral lesion.
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Table A-3: Commands for Deleting and Pasting Text
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Though your mom might have told you that quitters never prosper there are times when the right response to a bad situation is just to quit. How do you know when that time comes You don t. So follow your gut, talk to your mentors, and make a decision one way or the other. This is a topic that Web Worker Daily s sister site Found|Read has tackled; see, for example, Carleen Hawn s Unconventional Wisdom: Quitting is Good for You at http://www .foundread.com/2007/08/15/unconventional-wisdom-quitting-is-good-for-you/.
Understanding and achieving flow
Note that, of course, we may also consider generalizing this family of evaluation measures in the same way as the K2 metric was generalized to the Bayesian Dirichlet metric. This yields BD (C, A) =
Intraday markets allow both retailers and producers to adjust their day-ahead schedules at predetermined times during delivery day. Both retailers and producers are interested in making adjustments as they update their delivery day requirements and output capabilities with information available throughout the delivery day. Retailers can sell back supply to the ISO or purchase additional supply as actual demand deviates from the day-ahead forecast. Similarly, producers may repurchase supply from the ISO or sell additional supply into the market. A market price is set by the ISO, which optimizes balancing resources that producers and retailers bid into the intraday markets. The following is an illustrative example. In this example there are four market players, two retailers and two producers. For a particular hour, Retailer A has scheduled 700 MWH of power day ahead and Retailer B has scheduled 500 MWH. The market clearing price in the day-ahead market is $70. In the intraday markets Retailers A and B adjust their load forecasts. For a particular hour, Retailer A determines that it requires an additional 20 MWH while Retailer B determines that it has a surplus of 10 MWH. Retailer B bids in a sale of 10 MWH to the ISO at a price of $75. Producers C and D have been scheduled to deliver 400 MWH and 300 MWH, respectively, in the day-ahead markets. Intraday, Producer C bids an additional 10 MW into the system at a cost of $80/MWH while Producer D submits a bid also with a capacity of 10 MW at $85/MWH. The least-cost rescheduling choice for lling the 20 MWH position of retailer A is to purchase 10 MWH from retailer B and 10 MWH from producer C. The ISO sets the market clearing price at the marginal cost of these bids, $80. Retailer A pays $80/MWH for the additional power, while players B and C receive $80/MWH.
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