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The maximum amount of data, both user data and signalling data, is encrypted. Ciphering takes place after error correction, and more importantly, deciphering takes place before error correction. There will therefore be errors in the received ciphertext and a stream cipher must be used (see a note on this in the next sub-section). The layer 1 frame counter, used for synchronisation at layer 1, can be used as an input to the key stream generator. However, this means that the layer frame counter must be of a greater length than is required for the non-ciphering layer 1 purposes, or the frame counter will repeat during a call and cause considerable weakness in the operation of ciphering. For this reason, there is a hyperframe in GSM, which is 1024 times longer than the
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In some countries paediatricians (usually in Adolescent Medicine) manage young people with anorexia nervosa, and this can mean a highly medicalised approach to care (see, for example, Lock, 1999). When children and adolescent eating disorder patients are cared for primarily by mental health specialists (and often by adult specialists) the limitations of little or no paediatric involvement become apparent. This is particularly so for the early onset population, where the medical risks may differ in type and severity from those of older patients. In addition to aiding diagnosis and management decisions, information obtained from physical assessments can be a powerful psycho-educational tool for both sufferers and parents/carers, improving motivation to change. Medical assessment and ongoing evaluation are crucial aspects of a biopsychosocial approach to early onset eating disorders. Those complications that are unique to younger patients are growth retardation, pubertal delay or arrest, and reduction of peak bone mass (Kreipe et al., 1995). Certain age-related
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The chi-square test is not suitable when any of the expected values ri cj /S are smaller than 10. Fisher s exact test is more appropriate in such cases. In practice, all genes annotated with term F and all terms in the subtree of term F are considered to be annotated with F. 4.3.4 Functional Annotation of Uncharacterized Genes
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Sam Foster (Case 1 1) is ethically obligated to discontinue his data collection because participation in the research promises no direct benefit to the child. As will be seen in 10, he is further obligated to ensure that there are no harmful after-effects to the child from her brief but upsetting experience as a study participant. Privacy and Confidentiality Psychologists respect the privacy of pupil/clients and others; every effort is made to avoid undue invasion of privacy (EP Principle E; NASP-PPE, III,
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Service Customization
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If the portfolio of a producer contains sales of nancial or physical instruments, the portfolio is similar to that of an integrated company. The bidding behavior is also similar. Referring to the equation that describes a producer s portfolio cash ows, there are two possibilities:
may require counseling and support of the unaffected woman. Women with BRCA1 or 2 mutations have a 50% to 85% lifetime risk of breast cancer, with some breast cancers diagnosed before the age of 30. BRCA1 is associated with a 30% to 40% ovarian cancer risk and BRCA2 with a 15% to 25% risk. In contrast, the baseline risk for sporadic breast cancer is 11% and for sporadic ovarian cancer is 1.6%. BRCA1 carriers are diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 51, on average, compared with 57.5 years for BRCA2 carriers. After age 35, the risk of contracting ovarian cancer for BRCA1 carriers is 1% per year, compared with BRCA2 carriers, who are rarely diagnosed prior to age 50. Con icting data exist regarding whether BRCA mutations increase the risk of endometrial cancer, but to date there is not an established association.1 BRCA mutations also increase the risk of fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer. Up to one-third of patients with primary peritoneal cancer have also been found to harbor BRCA mutations.1 Men who carry a BRCA mutation are at increased risk for breast and prostate cancer, and may have a slightly higher risk of pancreatic and colon cancer. Unlike female carriers, male breast cancer is more common with a BRCA2 mutation. The lifetime risk of breast cancer is 0.2% to 2.8% in male BRCA1 carriers and 3% to 12% in male BRCA2 carriers. In contrast, the risk of sporadic male breast cancer is 0.1%. Male BRCA2 carriers also have a 35% to 40% risk of developing prostate cancer.12 If this patient s testing were negative, she would carry the baseline lifetime risks for breast and ovarian cancer.
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