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Now that we do have those four result sets, we must apply each to the <action> section in the XUL template. If we apply each result set to the action section, we generate the following XUL:
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quite a few organizations turned to lump sums to make up the difference, rather than longer-lasting pay increases. One Midwestern-based retail company with 113,000 employees made up for geographic differentials by handing out cash instead of raises. Out of the six industry groupings, nonprofits are the most troubled by keeping up with market data, at 17.5%. This is because nonprofits, even large ones, typically have less money to work with. Paying competitively with the external market is a problem. It has not been resolved, but we are always recommending programs to help, said the HR supervisor at a nonprofit with 21,825 employees. Pay Range and Salary Structure It is no easy job to set pay levels, which is why this category came in fifth on HR professionals list of compensation situations. It was a particular problem among financial, banking, and insurance firms, as well as manufacturing concerns. One sticky issue is making sure there is uniformity among employees at the same level or even in the same job title. Internal equity is an issue a consistency in evaluating jobs across the organization. We are addressing this by researching alternative job evaluation methods and are considering implementing a new process, said the compensation analyst at a 2,300-person manufacturing firm in the South. Interestingly, many companies found that their employees fell below the minimum of the pay range. However, not every organization had the money to grant large enough raises to bring up too-low pay levels. Our biggest problem was how to move people through a pay range with a conservative merit budget. We resolved it by only moving pay if the duties and responsibilities are changed substantially, said the compensation manager at a Northeastern publishing firm with 1,421 employees. Working without pay levels, ranges, and salary structure can also be difficult, as attested to by several HR professionals. Bonus and Pay for Performance With the increased emphasis on bonuses instead of pay raises, some HR professionals had their work cut out for them. The biggest problem has been the transition to the new bonus program. We resolved it by providing detailed communications to employees, said the manager of compensation and benefits at a 1,379-employee manufacturing firm in the Northeast. Whether a bonus program is new or old, two consistent problems are getting employees to understand it and getting managers to follow the guidelines. Both require plenty of communication with employees at all levels. With our variable pay programs, we refocused on efforts on goal setting, clearer metrics, and automated payout software to administer, said the compensation analyst at a Western wholesale/retail trade company with 39,323 employees. In some cases, the trouble was finding the money for a bonus program. Our problem was the funding of our management incentive plan. This was the first time that we needed to consider fully funding the payout pool. The funding decision was deferred for several weeks until more year-end financial data was
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12: Monopolies: How Badly Would You Behave If You Had No Competition
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Capacitor PowerC (t ) =
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Monitoring systems sense the change in power ows and call upon the AGC of speci ed units to restore power ows to preoutage conditions. The AGC of an operating unit responds through the exciter; the exciter increases the strength of the electromagnet s magnetic eld, which in turn increases the voltage output. The rotor responds by slowing down because mechanical power to the turbine has not been increased. This causes the frequency to fall below its target level of 60 cycles per second. AGC receives inputs of frequency measurements and responds by increasing the power input into the turbine to bring the frequency back to 60 cycles per second. As the example demonstrates, AGC balances the magnetic strength of the electromagnet and mechanical power to maintain appropriate voltage and frequency levels. Effective AGC requires an effective control mechanism for the mechanical power input to the turbine. The most responsive systems are hydroelectric systems and are used for balancing whenever they are available. The second most preferred generation technology to utilize with AGC is a CCGT. This is because it is much easier to control the burn rate of natural gas than to control coal burn rates and nuclear ssion rates. During the daytime many units are set to run at their optimal output level. However, several units are selected to respond to uctuating grid conditions with AGC.
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Paget s disease is associated with concurrent, invasive vulvar cancer in 4% to 15% of cases. Women with Paget s disease of the vulva should also be evaluated for Paget s synchronous neoplasms, as approximately 20% to 30% of these patients have a noncontiguous carcinoma (eg, involving breast, rectum, bladder, urethra, cervix, or ovary).8 13
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In 1997, General Dynamics and the United Auto Workers (UAW) signed a collective-bargaining agreement that eliminated the company s obligation to provide health benefits to subsequently retired employees, except for then-current workers who were at least 50 years old. Dennis Cline, who was age 40 at the time, along with other, similarly situated employees, made a claim before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) that the agreement violated the ADEA because it discriminated against them. (The ADEA does not protect workers under age 40.) The EEOC agreed with Cline, and invited the company and the union to settle informally with Cline. When they failed, Cline went to court. A district court dismissed his suit, saying that Cline s claim was essentially
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Figure 4.6 HARQ functionality.
$ du -sh /home Regular user is denied space totals to others homes du: `/home/chris : Permission denied du: `/home/horatio199 : Permission denied 64K /home # du -sh /home You can display summary disk use as root user 1.6G /home
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