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Excerpt of CORBA Event Service Interface
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Consistent with the broad principle of integrity in professional relationships, school psychologists should inform students/clients of all relevant aspects of the potential professional relationship prior to beginning psychological services of any type (NASP-PPE, III, A, #5, B, #2, C, #1, E, #3). They strive to be accurate and straightforward about the nature and scope of their services. Case 1 3 illustrates the importance of openly defining the parameters of the services to be offered in the school setting. Madeleine has become Hannah s consultee in this consultant consultee relationship. Hannah is bound by the obligation and expectation that what is shared and learned in their professional interaction is confidential; she may not share information about her consultee with the principal without Madeleine s explicit consent to do so. In defining their job roles to the school community, school psychologists are obligated to identify the services they provide and those that are outside the scope of their job roles (NASP-PPE, III, E, IV, B, #3; EP Principle C). It is the job role of the building principal, not the school psychologist, to gather information on teacher effectiveness. If Hannah violates the confidentiality of the consultative relationship and shares information about Madeleine s teaching with the school administration, her actions would most likely undermine teacher trust in school psychologists and diminish her ability to work with other teachers in need of consultative services. The ethical issues associated with the consultation role are discussed further in s 8 and 9. The general principle of integrity in professional relationships also suggests that psychologists must be honest and straightforward about the
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Shared calendars and to do lists Microblogging, status updaters, IM presence Social networking
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UMTS priorities and work distribution: in 1996 (see paragraph 8.2.1) The UMTS strategy consensus: from April 1996 to February 1997 (see paragraph 8.2.2) Basic concepts of the UMTS standard: from March 1997 to March 1998 (see paragraph 8.2.3) UMTS reports and raw speci cations: from February 1998 to February 1999 (see paragraph 8.2.4)
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Outpatient Treatment
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The naming convention details depend on whether or not the instance variable representing a bean property is an array or not. Bean properties represented as arrays are known as indexed properties. First, let s consider the case in which bean properties are not represented as arrays.
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Figure 7-1: Using bean properties to generate HTML Compare how clumsy and inelegant the preceding example is with the following code: <mytaglib:FormatLine fontSize="2" fontColor="red" reverse="false"> This is <i>Line 1</i> </mytaglib:FormatLine> <mytaglib:FormatLine fontSize="5" fontColor="blue" reverse="true"> Here s another line </mytaglib:FormatLine> Notice how natural the syntax of the custom tag fits with a page of HTML or XML text. By comparison, the JSP code for using the bean seems archaic. Getting, setting, and using bean property values in your JSP pages is a worthwhile and powerful feature. Sadly, using beans and the associated jsp:setProperty and jsp:getProperty actions clutters your pages with counterintuitive coding structures. Yes, you can code scriptlets to generate the content shown in Figure 7-1. However, placing the Java code inside your JSP page could blur the distinction between presentation and logic. You would trade using JSP actions with using Java code. In summary, you can use JavaBeans with the JSP action commands (or scriptlets) to accomplish much of what you can with custom JSP tags. However, coding custom tags in your JSP pages looks more natural than the alternatives. Next, you can read about the components that constitute a custom tag followed by the code for a simple tag.
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Seeing how a tax causes deadweight losses
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The Westin & Sheraton at Our Lucaya, Royal Palm Way. & 242/373-1333. Sun Thurs $30 buffet, Fri Sat $38 buffet. AE, DC, MC, V. Daily 6:30 11pm.
S S E OD C A B E = Employees OD = Organizational Development IS = Information Systems C = Customer S = Supplier IS E OD C C IS E S IS OD C
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