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A series of VLCs (from Table 3.12, 3) are encoded using the above method. S = 1, i.e. 1 byte is written to the stream at a time. Table 7.1 shows the variable-length encoding process at each stage with each output byte highlighted in bold type.
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Equipment and Procedure
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understandable to everyone, whatever its nature. This includes agreeing a format, identifying shared and (non-shared) aims and expectations, and identifying how progress in treatment can be reviewed. The management plan needs to build in physical monitoring, and responsibility for this clari ed, together with how the information will be fed back to parents, young person and all others involved in treatment Agreeing boundaries and responsibilities includes agreeing responsibility for care with parents, including responsibility for food provision, reporting concerns, ensuring attendance, etc. Informed decision making requires information. Since we ask children and parents to be involved in the decision-making process, we provide information at every stage information about onset, course, prognosis, and outcome; information about physical aspects, behavioural aspects and emotional aspects; contact addresses, and a reading list; and encourage questions. This process of information sharing has a number of functions: it demysti es the diagnosis, and can provide a framework for understanding the development and the maintenance of the eating disorder. But perhaps, more importantly, it allows parents and young people to make informed decisions regarding treatment in a way that attempts to minimise the escalation of issues around power and control. Once a formulation, a framework for management, goals and expectations, boundaries and responsibilities, have been clari ed and agreed, therapeutic work can continue in a number of formats. In the younger age group it is our expectation that intervention will involve those with parental responsibility.
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Figure 2-3. Changes in topography of the Hassayampa River oodplain after two major
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