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5 Overview of Electrochemical Techniques
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The abundance of a population varies in response to changes in the probabilities of survival and reproductive success of individual sh and, as a precursor to this, the abundance of recruits is determined by egg production and egg and larval mortality (Wootton, 1990; Jennings et al., 2001). The in uence and effects of xenobiotics on reproduction may occur on a variety of levels such as development of juveniles, coupling, quantity of eggs produced, egg quality, hatching of embryos and development of larvae (Donaldson & Scherer, 1983). As described in previous chapters, the younger stages of shes are of greatest susceptibility to the effects of pollutants although, as described below, the mortality of those early life-stages by natural or anthropogenic stressors does not necessarily translate to an effect at the higher population level. The unprotected eggs and sperm, embryos and larvae are likely to show the effects of pollutants at levels much less than those required to produce an effect in later stages
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W3C Metadata Activity, Resource Description Framework (RDF) Model and Syntax Specification, W3C Recommendation,, February 22, 1999. Chris Waterson, XUL Template Primer,, xulnotes/template-primer.html, 1999. Hyatt, Churchill, and Waterson, XUL <template> reference,, http://, 2000. Chris Waterson, XUL Template Primer Multiple Rules,, http://, 2000.
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the event-driven system. Unlike threads, protothreads are extremely lightweight, requiring only two bytes of memory per protothread and no additional stack. - System architecture and partitioning. A Contiki system is partitioned into two parts: the core and the loaded programs (see Figure 5.2). The partitioning is made at compile time and is speci c to the deployment in which Contiki is used. Typically, the core consists of the Contiki kernel, the program loader, the most commonly used parts of the language, run-time and support libraries, and a communication stack with device drivers for the communication hardware. The core is compiled into a single binary image that is stored in the devices prior to deployment. The core is generally not modi ed after deployment, even though it is possible to use a special boot loader to overwrite or patch the core. A Contiki system consists of the kernel, libraries, the program loader and a set of processes. A process may be either an application program or a service. A service is a process that implements functionality that is used by other processes such as protocol stacks and data handling algorithms. Services can be seen as shared libraries which can be replaced during run-time. The kernel consists of a lightweight event scheduler that both dispatches events to running processes and periodically calls polling handlers used to, for example, check for status updates of hardware devices. The kernel also supports two kinds of events, namely, asynchronous events which are a form of deferred procedure calls and synchronous events mainly used for interprocess communication. The kernel enqueues asynchronous events in a special event queue and dispatches the events later to the target process. - Dynamic reprogramming. When developing applications for sensor networks, the ability to reprogram the sensor nodes without requiring physical access to the nodes greatly simpli es the development and reduces the development time. Contiki has support for loading individual programs from the network, which makes it possible to dynamically reprogram the behavior of the network. After a program has been loaded into the memory, the program s initialization function is called that
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Semicircular canals
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