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Fig. 1.1 Conceptual model.
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must be repeated for each objective lens, but only needs to be performed one time for each lens. Returning to the specimen slide, the number of eyepiece reticule units spanning the diameter of a structure is determined and multiplied by the conversion factor to obtain the distance in micrometers.
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Retrieved New case case RETAIN Previous cases General/ domain knowledge Tested repaired case
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a bonus plan on a monthly basis, said the general HR manager at a 97-employee retail operation in the Northeast. Other Concerns Some of the other concerns mentioned include determination of who is exempt and nonexempt, dwindling stock plans, and employees who do not seem to realize that the economic boom is over for now. Our problem is a weak market and many applicants with an expectation they could still command the higher strongmarket salaries, said one HR director. SETTING PAY RANGES Pay ranges are a crucial component of the framework of compensation policies, but there is more than one way to create them. Companies need to create a range that achieves equity for the position and is appropriate for the organization s needs and characteristics. This was a topic on IOMA s Salary and Compensation Bulletin Board. Establishing a Range One visitor to the discussion group posted the following:
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Gynecologic Oncology Associates, Newport Beach, CA, USA
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Hypotheses in Decision Tree for auto2.fps Next Hypothesis engine won t turn over dead battery blown fuse battery connectors no fuel to engine out of gas bad fuel lte no spark points misadjusted raining ignition wet Question, Verifying Reply Does your engine turn over, n Do your lights come on, n Are any of your fuses blown, y Are your battery connectors loose, y Do you smell gas around carburetor, n Does your gas gauge read empty, y Is your fuel lter clogged, y Can you see spark between plug and lead, n Do your distributor points open slightly, n Is it raining, y Is your distributor or ignition wiring wet, y
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and antenna arrays, and different handheld devices will be used. The main difference of those components from other such devices is the fact that they must be power ef cient. For further information, see [18]. Smart Mesh Weather Forecasting (early 2000s): this project was deployed for meteorology and hydrology monitoring of Yosemite National Park. It was developed by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and United States Geological Survey. Over half of California s water supply comes from high elevations in the snowmelt-dominated Sierra Nevada. Natural climate uctuations, global warming and the growing needs of water by consumers demand intelligent management of this water resource. This requires a comprehensive monitoring system across and within the Sierra Nevada. A prototype network of meteorological and hydrological sensors has been deployed in Yosemite National Park, traversing elevation zones from 1,200 to 3,700 m. Communication techniques are tailored to suit each location, resulting in a hybrid network of radio, cell-phone, land-line, and satellite transmissions. Results are showing how, in some years, snowmelt may occur quite uniformly over the Sierra, while in others it varies with elevation [15]. FloodNet (early 2000s): FloodNet, developed by Envisense consortium, aims at monitoring rivers that have ood threats by deploying a wireless sensor network across the river or oodplain. By processing and synthesizing collected information over a river and functional oodplain, FloodNet obtains an environmental self-awareness and resilience to ensure robust transmission of data in adverse conditions and environments. The coordinated efforts between sensor nodes which are xed at speci c points within a river or oodplain provide the spatiotemporal monitoring of an environment. The sensor readings are collected at a data center where FloodNet management provides a platform by which expert decisions can be made regarding ood warning and mitigating activities. In an emergency case, operational instructions indicating that operation rooms should become active and take necessary measurements can be issued through various media such as pagers, telephones, computer screens. Also, the design of the data management should provide responsible authorities with direct activation of ood warning road signs, ood warden noti cation, emergency services data provision, etc [46]. The FloodNet requires ef cient power management strategy and a long lifetime. Sensor nodes must also be robust against harsh river and oodplain conditions. The number of nodes in the network may be in the order of thousands and therefore scalability is another issue that needs to be solved. Also, the mission of the network requires the lowest possible end-to-end delay. Today, there is a FloodNet application deployed at the River Crouch, Essex. It was deployed and activated on 30th April, 2004 and presently consists of six nodes, each equipped with a pressure sensor. The sensor is mounted underwater close to the riverbed and has a thin breath pipe that connects it to the surface in order to allow it to compare pressure at its location to that in the atmosphere. The
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