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by Arnold and Sleep [2]. It can be modi ed to generate binary trees in the bitstring notation at random.
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He continued, What that rst bit of Enquire code led me to was something much larger, a vision, technology, and society. The vision I have for the Web is about anything being potentially connected with anything. It is a vision that provides us with new freedom, and allows us to grow faster than we ever did when we were fettered by the hierarchical classi cation systems into which we bound ourselves. The irony is that in all its various guises commerce, research, and sur ng the Web is already so much a part of our lives that familiarity has clouded our perception of the Web itself. He continued, The Web resulted from many in uences on my mind, half-formed thoughts, disparate conversations, and seemingly disconnected experiments. I pieced it together as I pursued my regular work and personal life. I articulated the vision, wrote the rst Web programs, and came up with the now pervasive acronyms URL, HTTP, HTML, and of course World Wide Web. According to Berners-Lee, there was no Eureka! moment. . . . Inventing the World Wide Web involved my growing realization that there was a power in arranging ideas in an unconstrained, web-like way. Berners-Lee came to realize that the Web offered the potential not only to store information and create data access and communications channels but also to provide for the linkage, the connection, of information, computers, networks, systems, and people all over the world. In so doing, an individual could have access to all the information stored anywhere on the network, anywhere in the world. There would be a single, global information space. Berners-Lee respected the computational role of computers and considered them to be generally useful in performing certain tasks and thereby leveraging the human mind to accomplish bigger and better things. But, in addition, through the World Wide Web, computers could enable the tracking and analysis of connections and the connective relationships that underlie human interactions and the workings of society, thereby revealing entirely new ways of understanding and analyzing the world. Berners-Lee was aware that other people had pursued similar concepts, but without the follow-through. Two such examples are Vannevar Bush and Ted Nelson. The idea of hypertext and document linking actually began in 1945 when Vannevar Bush, a computer pioneer, wrote an article8 for The Atlantic Monthly describing a theoretical electromechanical device called Memex. The Memex concept can be described as a system that provided for electronic linkages to enable the display of documents from a micro che library with automatic cross-references from one work to another. Twenty years later, Ted Nelson (who introduced the term hypertext) drew on Bush s work in proposing a software framework called Xanadu, which had the goal of creating a computer network with a simple user interface. generate barcode to pdf
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GSM and UMTS: The Creation of Global Mobile Communication Edited by Friedhelm Hillebrand Copyright q 2001 John Wiley & Sons Ltd ISBNs: 0-470-84322-5 (Hardback); 0-470-845546 (Electronic)
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GSM and UMTS: The Creation of Global Mobile Communication
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