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n a market environment, infrastructure additions are a result of investment by independent companies seeking pro t from the addition. This chapter investigates the current state of affairs for nancing and constructing new generation facilities and transmission upgrades. Section 9.1 contrasts the nancing of projects in a market environment with nancing in a utility environment. In Section 9.2, we present an approach for valuation of merchant plants that is commonly used in the industry. Merchant plants are those that are owned and operated by an IPP in a market environment without regulated cost recovery. Section 9.3 discusses the structuring and pricing of long-term contracts referred to as power purchasing agreements (PPAs). Attention is given to the relationship between valuations of merchant plants and pricing of PPAs.
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struct Base { virtual Base() {} virtual int f() = 0; };
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Message-driven beans (EJB 2.0) support only the Required and NotSupported transaction attribute values and must be coded for the Message bean s onMessage method.
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39. Diane Sears Campbell, Focus on Cyber-Fraud, Internal Auditor (February 2002), 33. 40. See note 16, 36. 41. The Small Business Fraud Prevention Manual, (Austin, TX: The Association of Certified
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Table 2.16. Characteristics of education and training applications
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EJB & JSP: Java On The Edge, Unlimited Edition ISBN: 0764548026 by Lou Marco Your Guide to Cutting-Edge J2EE Programming Techniques.
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