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The final result of the subprocess of determining business cases is a strategic document containing prioritized business objectives, including motivation, prioritized IT enablers, including motivation, and a list of business cases to be elaborated, including prior conditions such as maximum duration, maximum cost, or minimum benefits.
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Recall that two operational issues of midterm planners in a utility environment are maintenance scheduling and planning the use of energy-limited resources. In this subsection we examine the ability of the markets to address these issues. We begin with maintenance scheduling. Recall that there is limited exibility in preparing a maintenance schedule; personnel and materials must be prepared well ahead of planned maintenance. The problem of optimal maintenance scheduling was posed in 6; this is a least cost of service problem. In a market environment the objective is to maximize the net present value (NPV), present value of future earnings, of the portfolio subject to meeting scheduling requirements. It is very dif cult for the market to coordinate maintenance scheduling across many different producers. Since maximizing NPV is an objective, all producers want to schedule maintenance during the same month, the month with the least value. To be able to perform the task of coordinating outages a market must be very liquid over at least 1 year s time frames since maintenance schedules are typically set 1 year in advance. Instruments in these very liquid markets would have to respond to maintenance schedules by increasing value during months in which maintenance is overly prescribed, providing an incentive to shift maintenance to other months. Currently, markets do not have suf cient liquidity to provide appropriate market signals a year in advance. Typically, markets do not sell monthly xed for oating instruments a year in advance of delivery. At best, a strip of 4 months is available. An additional requirement for coordinating maintenance schedules is that the market must provide intramonth information so that producers do not overschedule maintenance during a particular week. Unfortunately, the market provides no intramonth information. The problem associated with coordinating maintenance scheduling has stirred a debate that is similar to that on meeting reliability requirements. On one side of the debate are those who look to the ISO to coordinate maintenance schedules. This would provide the ISO with additional regulatory oversight responsibilities. On the other side of the debate are those who prefer to let the markets organize to take care of the problem. Although the markets have not addressed maintenance planning suf ciently, there has been one success. Ensuring availability of capacity during peak demand months has taken on a greater urgency than existed in a pure utility environment. Accordingly, producers rarely schedule maintenance during peak demand months. In line with this success, producers also make every effort to ensure that energy limited resources are available during peak demand months. The market provides economic incentive to ensure availability.
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Don t be immediately turned off by a community with relatively high taxes. You may be getting your money s worth: better sanitation service (the refuse will be collected from the back of your house rather than your having to put it in front); paid, not volunteer, f iref ighters; wellequipped police; a library that buys lots of new books; strict zoning rules; and, above all, good public schools. Home buyers are rightly concerned about school systems, not only for their own children, but for the resale value of their homes. And the reputation of a school system tends to ref lect its actual excellence or weakness. Just because a school system spends a fortune per student doesn t guarantee that the schools are superior. You can learn how a school system is rated by SchoolMatch, a private agency in Columbus, Ohio, by calling 614-890-1573. The f irst thing a parent should do is go to the school and get the course selection sheet, recommends M. Donald Thomas, president of the School Management Study Group in Salt Lake City, which checks the effectiveness of schools. Give points to a school that offers advanced math courses, he suggests, not courses in general and remedial math. But do be concerned about relatively high taxes if you can t explain them away. Some communities have unnecessarily high taxes because the town fathers (or mothers) foolishly discouraged industries (which would have paid high taxes) from building anywhere in town. A bad sign in general: Industry is moving out, and stores and factories are closing. On the other hand, a community that has high property taxes because it is almost surely residential could be exactly the kind of community you want. The key: Do the legwork to f ind out what the numbers really mean. If a community has high taxes and the roads are full of potholes, the sidewalks are cracked, litter is everywhere, and the schools have a poor reputation, it s time to get discouraged. WHO S BUYING HOMES The average f irst-time homebuyer had a median household income of $61,100 in 1999, and both husband and wife were likely to be working: 84.0 percent were two-income families. Less than 20 percent were single. (The percentage of single homebuyers in recent years has been dropping.) See Table 2.1.
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Table 7.5.2 Scenario Outcome of studies on minimum spectrum per UMTS operator Operator frequencies [MHz] Paired 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 5 5 10 15 15 20 20 Unpaired 5 5 5 5b 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 Radio cell layers Factor for traf c capacity a UMTS service capability
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Virgelle gauge Marias River Eagle Creek
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Death Star
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14: Grid Network Services Infrastructure
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The quantity most useful for evaluating short receiving antennas is effective length e, which gives the open circuit voltage produced by a unit electric eld strength: Voc = eE. For a short dipole, e = h, independent of frequency. The equivalent circuit is the same as Figure 1.9 for transmitting. The low Rr and large X lead of course to a narrow bandwidth. For a receiving antenna the goal is to deliver as much of the incident power to the load. The receiving case is thus the same as the transmitting case: Minimize losses and utilize a good matching network.
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knowledge about therapy regimen is usually excellent often exceeding the knowledge of ordinary nurses or even medical doctors not working in the eld of diabetes. Educational efforts may be more effective when directed toward themes typically addressed in eating disorder treatment. These include information on attitudes about shape and weight in Western societies, the role of dietary restriction as a precipitant of binge eating, and the biological determinants of body weight. A careful assessment for psychiatric comorbidity is an important aspect of the initial evaluation. In a longitudinal study of diabetic adolescents Pollock et al. (1995) showed that eating disorders occured almost exclusively in the context of a DSM-III psychiatric diagnosis other than eating disorder and that in each case the psychiatric illness temporally preceded the period of disordered eating and was comorbid with it. The association of eating disorders with psychiatric illness suggests that a subgroup of type 1-diabetes patients have various dif culties in coping with their diabetes. The impact of combining various psychiatric disorders has yet to be determined but might contribute to a higher risk of poor glycemic control and diabetic lesions. Divergent ndings in glycemic control in comorbid diabetic samples may result from different psychiatric comorbidities other than eating disorders with different coping styles, and adherence to diabetes care.
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