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time. Cooking, climbing, working with power tools, or using sharp implements were likewise off limits. The situation was admittedly dire and created a tremendous burden on Emily. But in addition to her exhaustion and anxiety, she was furious with Charles for not being able to work or help out more with the demands of family life. Charles was devastated. He would plead with her that he didn t like the situation any more than she did. He struggled to do all he could between seizures to maintain the household, but his efforts seemed, if anything, to only increase her anger and disgust. Their marriage was in dire straits when they came to see me (WHW). Emily s response to her husband was puzzling and distressing at first, until she shared her history. She was the oldest of five. Her father was alcoholic and abusive of their mother, although not to the children. Her mother had become severely depressed and anxious, and largely unable to function around the house. From an early age, Emily had found that taking the role of housekeeper and caretaker of the younger children had lessened her mother s depression and given Emily some sense of safety and value in an otherwise bleak situation. She both felt sorry for her mother and resented her. Because chronic illness can have such a profound impact on the life of the patient and his or her family, it is easy to forget that emotional factors unrelated to the illness can have an equally profound impact on how the couple manages the illness and the changes it requires. In the case of Charles and Emily, it was clear that the emotional reactions to the situation were being fueled by factors external to the illness and the stress and isolation it brings. It is not always so clear, however, how emotional reactivity is contributing to the difficulties couples face in dealing with illness. The signs can be subtle, and masked by the realities of the illness. The term emotional reactivity refers to the tendency to get caught up in emotional reactions, which then drive behavior, in contrast to being able to be aware of when one s responses are out of proportion to the situation and limit the extent to which these responses drive behavior. Indications that emotional reactivity is complicating adjustment to illness include reactions that appear especially intrusive and out of proportion to the situation, problems that do not respond to the couples usual coping strategies, or conflicts or concerns that have a sticky quality that repeat endlessly and with a level of anxiety or intensity that is not easily calmed or soothed, even temporarily. When these signs are present, it is helpful to explore what else might be going on internally that is driving the response, in addition to the real challenges presented by the illness. STEP 3: REDIRECT ATTENTION FROM THE OUTER REALITY OF THE ILLNESS TO THE INNER RESPONSE AND MEANING OF THE ILLNESS Having determined which areas of concern are most likely to be colored by emotional reactivity, it can then be useful to explore the underlying meanings associated with those areas of concern. The goal is to begin to clarify
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the events. Such systems are to be infrastructureless and very robust, because of the inevitable challenges in nature, like living things or atmospheric events. Since the nodes are untethered and unattended in this class of applications, the system must be power-ef cient and fault tolerant. The long lifetime of the network must be preserved when the scale increases in the order of tens or hundreds. Table 2.8 summarizes the common and application-dependent characteristics of environmental monitoring for emergency services applications. Environmental monitoring for emergency services is a typical domain which can bene t from networked tiny sensors. Several projects are underway: GoodFood [10, 25] project aims to develop the new generation of analytical methods based on micro and nanotechnologies (MST and MNT) for safety and quality assurance along the food chain in the agro-food industry. Hogthrob aims at monitoring sensor wearing sows. The use of sensor nodes on the animals could facilitate other monitoring activities: detecting the heat period (missing the day where a sow can become pregnant has
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Marketing: High Visibility, Low Cost The mission of E-ExpoUSA is to offer SMEs a way to market goods and services internationally at reasonable cost via the Internet. The service allows exporters with limited budgets for international sales and marketing travel to get their products before a large but select international audience of potential buyers. Launched in 1998, the service boasts 630 exhibitors from more than 50 industry sectors, is registered with 800 international search engines, and is actively promoted by the qr code generator free
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terms of the classi cation accuracy obtained using the 1-NN rule. Comparisons are made with the conventional IB3 algorithm [14] and random case selection method. This methodology is found to perform better in terms of 1-NN accuracy, as well as improving case generation time and average case retrieval time. In the following sections we describe the methodology for fuzzy linguistic representation of objects. Then we present the methodology used to obtain dependency rules and the algorithm for mapping dependency rules to cases. The case retrieval mechanism is then described. Finally, some experimental results and comparisons with other approaches are presented. Linguistic (Fuzzy) Representation of Patterns As mentioned earlier, rough set theory deals with a set of objects in a granular universe. Here we describe a way of obtaining the granular feature space using fuzzy linguistic representation of patterns. Only the case of numeric features is mentioned here. (Features in descriptive and set forms can also be handled in this framework.) Details of the methodologies involved may be found in [12,13]. Let a pattern (object) ^ be represented by n numeric features (attributes) (i.e., e e [F1, F2, . . ., Fn]). Each feature is described in terms of its fuzzy membership values, corresponding to three linguistic fuzzy sets: low (L), medium (M), and high (H). Thus, an n-dimensional pattern vector is represented as a 3n-dimensional vector [12,13]: ^ mlow F1 ^ ; mmedium F1 ^ ; mhigh F1 ^ ; mlow F2 ^ ; mmedium F2 ^ ; mhigh F2 ^ ; . . .; e e e e e e e e e e mlow Fn ^ ; mmedium Fn ^ ; mhigh Fn ^ 2:11 c# example
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Figure D.1 Approximating the set of pro t stores using three conditional attributes.
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CODE_STORAGE Table: To keep track of the different locations where different copies of code are stored. It contains the following information:  CodeID  Copy No  URLList: list of URLs which contain the code The name of the accompanying API is codeStorageHandler. DINA_NODES Table: To store information relevant to the DINA nodes in the network. It contains the following information:     DinaNodeID DinaNodeIPAddress Location: Physical location of the DINA node HasList: Contains information of the components/devices the DINA node has (i.e., SIPBroker, WLANBroker, WLANmodel=Cisco74, etc.)
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12: Accessing Network Resources
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The risk of poor recovery is increased if the facial paralysis is complete, if there is hyperacusis or loss of taste, if the patient is pregnant or elderly, and if the nerve is electrically inexcitable (if neurophysiological studies are done). Care of the eye, encouragement and facial exercises in the mirror are all that can be offered in the way of treatment in the acute stage, unless the patient is seen within 72 hours of onset when a short course of steroids may improve the patient s prospects for recovery.
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