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In this chapter, we share some things about money and inflation that you may not already know, including why governments are often tempted to print a lot of money to pay for budget deficits, why doing so is actually a form of taxation and why certain groups encourage the government to print a ton of money. We also show you why printing lots of money causes inflation, how to measure inflation and how to measure the effect of inflation on interest rates. The one thing we don t tell you is how to print your own funny money this book ain t Counterfeiting For Dummies.
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Unfortunately, not every firm is constrained by competition. And when that happens, firms don t end up acting in socially optimal ways. The most extreme case is a monopoly, a situation in which only one firm exists in an industry meaning that it has absolutely no competition. As we explain in 12, monopolies behave very badly, restricting output in order to drive up prices and inflate profits. These actions, which hurt consumers, go on indefinitely unless a government takes steps to regulate the firm s behaviour. A less extreme case of lack of competition is oligopoly, a situation in which only a few firms exist in an industry. In such situations, firms could make deals not to compete against each other so that they can keep prices high
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In this introductory chapter we provide a brief overview on knowledge discovery in databases and data mining, which is intended to show the context of this book. In a first step, we try to capture the difference between data and knowledge in order to attain precise notions by which it can be made clear why it does not suffice just to gather data and why we must strive to turn them into knowledge. As an illustration we will discuss and interpret a well-known example from the history of science. Secondly, we explain the process of discovering knowledge in databases (the KDD process), of which data mining is just one, though very important, step. We characterize the standard data mining tasks and position the work of this book by pointing out for which tasks the discussed methods are well suited.
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size, there s usually room for individual workers to move around to different tasks or projects. If you ask for changes too regularly and never finish any of the projects you re assigned, this turns into a way of shirking rather than rejuvenating. But sometimes, it s the ideal way of dealing with burnout without setting bridges or income on fire.
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248 Connect! A Guide to a New Way of Working from GigaOM s Web Worker Daily
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