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Fashion Marketing
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The basis on which forecasts can be made is one of sound information. Past and present consumer purchases are analysed for trend data. The target market for your products must be clearly identi ed and described by using marketing research techniques. The use of geodemographic systems such as ACORN (A Classi cation Of Residential Neighbourhoods) can be used to identify and contact your target market, and collect information about attitudes, preferences and future buying intentions such as Are you likely to buy a new coat in the next three months Millers and tanners who often work years ahead of the market can be contacted for primary data on future developments, as can fashion editors and buyers, who are in the forefront of current consumer behaviour. Secondary sources such as trade magazines and newspapers provide information which is readily accessible. Range plans covering such variables as material, product type, colour and price are also an important source of data.
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Interface between the electrochemical cell and the mass spectrometer.
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Overt or covert price xing by sellers is illegal in the European Union (EU) and most western nations unless a defence can be made that such action is not against the public interest. Manufacturers are, in the main, prohibited from imposing retail prices upon retailers in the UK, and this is known as retail price maintenance. Manufacturers are sometimes able to use pressure relating to the supply or withholding of products or nancial incentives to exert in uence over retail prices and effectively inhibit competition. The EU has an aim of free movement of goods within and between the member states and the intense competition within the fashion market works strongly against price xing tendencies. However, in 1993, the French perfume industry was able to claim a victory in the European Court by winning the right to exclusive distribution of perfumes, thereby protecting the
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