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<!ELEMENT Model_Management.Package (, Foundation.Core.ModelElement.visibility, ... Foundation.Core.Namespace.ownedElement*) > <!ELEMENT Foundation.Core.Namespace.ownedElement ( Foundation.Core.Class | Foundation.Core.Interface | Foundation.Core.Attribute | Foundation.Core.BehavioralFeature | Foundation.Core.Operation ...)> <!ELEMENT Foundation.Core.Class (, Foundation.Core.ModelElement.visibility, Foundation.Core.Namespace.ownedElement*, ...)> <!ELEMENT (#PCDATA | XMI.reference)* > <!ELEMENT Foundation.Core.ModelElement.visibility EMPTY > <!ATTLIST Foundation.Core.ModelElement.visibility xmi.value (public | protected | private) #REQUIRED>
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We use the notation Cfrom to denote a coordinate transformation matrix from one to coordinate frame (designated by ``from'') to another coordinated frame (designated by ``to''). For example, CECI denotes the coordinate transformation matrix from earth-centered inertial ENU (ECI) coordinates to earth- xed east north up (ENU) local coordinates and CRPY denotes the coordinate transformation matrix from vehicle body- xed roll NED pitch yaw (RPY) coordinates to earth- xed north east down (NED) coordinates. Coordinate transformation matrices satisfy the composition rule CB CA CA ; C B C where A, B, and C represent different coordinate frames. What we mean by a coordinate transformation matrix is that if a vector v has the representation P Q vx v R vy S C:1 vz
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Services for Dis tributed Object Transactions
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Classi cation algorithm. (From [20].)
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Implementation of Two Interfaces
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FIGURE 9.18 maple code for M/G/1 queue (continued ).
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GSM and UMTS: The Creation of Global Mobile Communication Edited by Friedhelm Hillebrand Copyright q 2001 John Wiley & Sons Ltd ISBNs: 0-470-84322-5 (Hardback); 0-470-845546 (Electronic)
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Table 13.1 Road Map: Marital Couple with Depression Intergenerational Enmeshment Process Outcome Create genogram-pictorial presentation. Decreasing anxiety and depression. Limit setting and differentiation with wife s nuclear family. Husband s passivity and depression reduction. Working on listening, validating, and negotiation in couple interaction. Husband worked on changing process of taking projections of wife. Worked with husband s family of origin including joint session with nuclear family. Members of the intergenerational families learn to listen, validate, and negotiate. Husband working through splitting defenses. Husband changing perceptions as to what it means to be a man. Working with pursuit and distance. Working with sexual problems from an individual and communication perspective. Wife taking responsibility for splitting around money and using defenses of fear.
8.3 MODIFICATION OF TRUTH VALUES DURING A FUZZY REASONING PROCESS In the following, A is a proposition; Nec(A)0 and Pos(A)0 are its initial truth values. We assume that, as reasoning progresses, Nec(A) . Nec(A)0 0 Pos(A) , Pos(A)0 1 Nec(A) , Pos(A) (8:7) (8:8) (8:9)
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serious skill deficits or personal problems, and is perhaps not suited for the professional role of school psychologist (Cobia & Boes, 2000). Pearl (Case 11 5) may feel she has betrayed Jack s trust because, after encouraging his self-disclosure, she must now terminate his internship on the basis of the information disclosed. However, in supervision, ethical priority must always be given to the welfare of current and future clients (Cobia & Boes, 2000). Knapp and VandeCreek distinguish between supervisee distress and impairment. A supervisee may be experiencing stress and discomfort, but still be able to perform his or her job responsibly (1997, p. 591). In such situations, the supervisee is able to provide services adequately, and, with the support and guidance of the supervisor, make progress towards internship goals. Impairment refers to the inability of the supervisee to fulfil minimal responsibilities of their profession because of a mental or physical disability (p. 591), thus placing the client at risk for misdiagnosis, inappropriate and inadequate treatment, and possible harm. When a supervisee is suffering from an impairment or engages in serious normative errors, it is ethically appropriate and necessary for the supervisor to recommend a failing internship grade, suspend or terminate the internship, deny endorsement for state credentialing, and/or recommend nonrenewal of an employment contract or immediate termination of employment. These risks, along with the potential benefits of supervision, should be outlined in the professional disclosure statement (Sherry, 1991).
Example: The Impact of Correlation Consider two equities Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Ford Motor Company. Using historical data on the share prices, we found that the mean return for Bristol-Meyers Squibb was 15% yearly and the mean return for Ford was 21% yearly. Using the same data set, we calculated the standard deviation in Bristol-Myers Squibb s return as 18.6% yearly and that for Ford as 28.0% yearly. E(RBMS) = BMS = 15% BMS = 18.6% E(RF) = F = 21% F = 28.0%
Introduction and de nitions
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