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BUSINESS CARDS When you re out and about, you will definitely need business cards. They provide a link between the in-the-flesh you and the online you by specifying your email address, your IM accounts, your phone number, and your website. It s not difficult to get business cards. Order them online at some place like OvernightPrints ( if you re on a limited budget, try a copy center like Copy Max for nicer card stock at a moderate price, or go with a full-service printer like Sir Speedy for luxury cards at a price to match. Of course web working zealots may already have Moo minicards from Flickr (available at they re cheap, they re fun, and they re high quality, though not at all traditional, since they re about half the size of traditional business cards. The hard part might be deciding what exactly to put on your card. If you re mashing up your career from a variety of income streams and skillsets (such as web development, web design, and search engine optimization) it s not so obvious what to call yourself especially if you work for yourself. If you re a freelancer but haven t incorporated your business, you might not know whether to list a business name, and if so, what name to use. If you write or work in multiple places online, you may not know which, if any, to list. If you run your own business, you can call yourself anything you want from Ubergeek of the Universe to Lazy Genius to Chief Executive and Janitor. Corporate employees can get creative with job titles also, if their employer allows. Subject to space constraints, you can put any combination of phone numbers, IM and VoIP contact names, URLs, photos, avatars, and mottos on your business cards. To make it even more complex, you can design any number of business cards for the different facets of your work life. There are things you may leave off your business cards: mailing address and fax numbers, while still used, aren t the primary means of reaching web workers in a time of email, IM, and follow-you-anywhere phone numbers. Of course, what you put on your card will sometimes be dictated by the norms of your industry as well as your employer.
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The above diagram shows the interactions between transactional servers and different databases that are used to store persistently the state of the account objects of Example 11.15. Access or update operations of the state of account objects are encapsulated by x a _ s t a r t and x a _ e n d operations so that the database uses its own locking mechanisms to achieve the isolation property. Note how the implementation of the voting phase uses the database to store the modified data temporarily. The database then uses its own mechanisms to make those changes permanent and then release all locks on the accessed and modified data during the x a _ c o m m i t operation.
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Now that you have successfully created a pairing, you can look at information about the device pairing by selecting your pairing from the Paired Devices list and choosing the Properties menu item, as shown in Figure 15-5. The most interesting piece of information here is under Services, indicating that the one and only Bluetooth service available from my target Bluetooth printer is the Serial Port service. This probably doesn t sound too promising to you at this point, but as a matter of fact it s perfect. You will make excellent use of the Serial Port service in the next section!
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When commanded by the OLT, the ONU sends upstream a data-dependent 3-byte key that the OLT then uses to permute (churn) subsequent downstream cells. While encryption of at least the user data elds has been left out of the BPON standard, it has been included for GPON, so we shall mention it there. For BPONs, encryption remains a user-de ned option.
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Linear combinations of the sort a1 I3 3 a2 1r  a3 1r 1T , where 1 is a unit vector, form a subalgebra r of 3 3 matrices with relatively simple rules for multiplication, inversion, etc. code 39 generator download
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Hydrologic Reengineering of Forested Wetlands / 224 Regeneration Problems for Plant Species on Floodplains with Altered Hydrology / 229 Restoration Approaches / 262 Index 295
Passage of time
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