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3. Next, all gift taxes that were paid in prior years are subtracted. The net amount left is the gift tax that must be paid as a result of gifts made for the most recent year. Fortunately, there are a number of important exceptions (exclusions) to the gift tax which can help parents avoid many of these complexities. One exclusion permits any parent to give a child up to $10,000 per year without incurring a gift tax. This amount is indexed for inf lation so check with your accountant for current f igures and whether the tax even applies to you. Although parents (or anyone else for that matter) can make a $10,000 tax-free gift to anyone, the following discussion will assume it s to a child. Thus, a parent can make gifts of up to $10,000 to any number of people he or she wants to during the year and avoid all gift taxes. If both parents join together to make the gift, the two of them can give up to $20,000 in any year to any child. The best way to do this is for each parent to individually sign a check for $10,000 to each recipient instead of giving joint checks. Be certain to save copies of all gift checks with your permanent tax papers. This raises a common question. What if the mother has the money in her bank account and the father is tight on cash How can the couple give their child the maximum $20,000 annual tax-free gift amount The answer is to use a technique called gift splitting. With the consent of the nongiving spouse (the husband in this example), the gift will be treated as if one-half had been given by each spouse. Thus, with gift splitting, the mother can give her son $20,000 and the gift will be treated as if made one-half each by the husband and wife, and each of their annual $10,000-per-person gift tax exclusions will be available to eliminate any gift tax (or use of the unif ied credit).
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38 Architectures and Standards
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Sample Record of the Travel Case Base Data Type Symbolic Numeric Symbolic Symbolic Numeric Symbolic Symbolic Symbolic Numeric Example Recreation 6 France Car 14 January Holiday Flat H. Flat, Cheval Blanc, France 1728
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If the potential change of the indicator electrode due to the addition of D is expressed by DE, we get   RTDE exp 1 b 1 D b2 D 2 zF
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3: Using the Shell
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Fuzzy Frame Case Representation N m V 1.0 1.0 0.0 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
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Instead of the sine-wave voltage in AC polarography, square-wave (SW) voltage of small amplitude is superposed on DC voltage (Edc) and the sum is applied to the DME. For each cycle of the applied SW voltage, the faradaic current and the charging current as in Fig. 5.15 flow through the circuit. The charging current decreases rapidly (exponentially with time t) and is practically zero near the end of the half-cycle. On the other hand, the faradaic current (!t 1/2) decreases rather slowly and still remains considerable at the end of the half-cycle. The feature of this method is that the current near the end of each half-cycle is sampled to eliminate the charging current [4]. SW polarography gives a bell-shaped wave, as in the AC method, and is useful for chemical analyses. Its lower limit of determination is 10 7 M or less. Moreover, a readily reducible or oxidizable substance is tolerable up to 10 000 times or more. However, this method is not sensitive to species that undergo irreversible electrode reactions.
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