steps (12 bit imaging gives 212 4096 possible gray levels). Each step is called an analogue-to-digital unit (ADU). To fully appreciate the sophistication of the technology, let us review the sequence of events involved in taking a picture with a full-frame CCD camera: The camera shutter opens and pixels accumulate photoelectrons. The shutter closes, and pixels are moved one row at a time off the parallel register by voltages applied to the strips on the CCD in a pattern and at a rate determined by timers or clocks in the camera electronics. Each row at the end of the parallel register is transferred to a special row of pixels called the serial register. Pixels are transferred one pixel at a time down the serial register to an on-chip preamplifier. The amplifier boosts the electron signal and generates an analogue voltage output.
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$ rpm -qa | sort | pr --column=2 | less Paginate package list in 2 cols
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Troubleshooting Network Problems
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The main diseases affecting hearing: 8th nerve Acoustic neuroma Cochlea Presbyacusis Acoustic trauma External and middle ear Wax Otitis media Trauma Otosclerosis
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First-to-Default Basket
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Shot noise. See Photon noise. Signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio. The ratio of the signal of an object to the noise of the surrounding background, where noise is the square root of the sum of the variances of contributing noise components. In the case that noise is photon limited and background noise may be approximated by the square root of the background signal, S/N gives the number of standard deviations that distinguish the object signal from the mean signal of the background. 217, 247, 276, 299 Sign of birefringence. In polarization optics, a reference to the sign of birefringence b, where b ne no. For the case that the refractive index describing the trajectory of the E ray is greater than that describing the trajectory taken by the O ray, the sign of birefringence of the material is positive. 127 Silicon-intensifier target (SIT) camera. A video camera tube for imaging under low-light conditions. The camera tube contains a photocathode that accelerates photoelectrons onto a silicon diode target plate, which greatly amplifies the signal. A scanning electron beam neutralizes the target while generating a beam current containing the signal. 250 Simple lens. A lens consisting of a single lens element and distinct from a compound lens having multiple lens elements. 45 SIT camera. See Silicon-intensifier target (SIT) camera. Slow axis. In polarization optics, the short axis of the wavefront ellipsoid, a construction used to describe the surface of an emergent wavefront from a point source of light in a birefringent material. The slow axis indicates the direction of high refractive index in the specimen. See also Refractive index ellipsoid. 128 Slow-scan CCD camera. Another designation for a full-frame CCD design. The time required for the serial readout of the parallel register of the CCD is slow compared to the time to read an interline CCD of comparable size and dimensions. 259 S/N ratio. See Signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio. Spatial filter. A filter that selectively manipulates a location in an image such as an aperture in a field plane of a microscope or a sharpening or blurring filter in image processing. 208, 250 Spatial frequency. The reciprocal of the distance between two objects (periods/ distance). 245 Spatial frequency filter. A filter that selectively manipulates a location in the diffraction plane in a microscope (aperture plane masks in modulation contrast microscopy) or a mask applied to Fourier transforms to manipulate low and high spatial frequency information in image processing. 171, 296 Spatial resolution. The resolution of component features in an image. In optical systems, resolution is directly proportional to the wavelength and inversely proportional to the angular aperture. The practical limits on wavelength and angular aperture determine the limit of spatial resolution, which is approximately one-half the wavelength of light. 87, 215, 245, 272 Spectral range. The range of wavelengths, or bandwidth, under consideration. 272 Spectroscope. A device for determining the wavelength of a certain emission line, bandwidth, or color. A diffraction grating is positioned between the eye and a narrow slit, and the eye-slit axis is directed at a target light source. The grating produces a spectrum of the constituent wavelengths admitted by the slit, and the spectrum is superimposed on a ruling so that you can determine the wavelength of a particular spectral color by simple inspection. 25 Spherical aberration. A lens aberration typical of lenses with spherical surfaces that causes paraxial rays incident on the center and periphery of a lens to be focused at
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Early Models in Chemistry
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