Purchase Spend as % of Sales Dollars Purchase Spend per Purchasing Employee 98.10% 37.29 86.64
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Level 4
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Mary has been a nurse for 27 years, and knows how to handle herself in tense circumstances. This time though, she is not sure how to act for the best. For the last few weeks she has noticed that Dr Jones, a doctor just into his thirties, has been giving unusually high doses of morphine and other painkillers to terminally ill geriatric patients. From what she knows of him she doesn t believe he is doing anything sinister she doesn t think he is intending to kill them but neither does she think he is acting in their best interests. In Mary s opinion the old people are over-sedated. They spend their days asleep or sitting by themselves communicating little, if at all. And this, she thinks, is pointless. Mary spoke to Dr Jones about the dosage, but the conversation didn t go well. The doctor was instantly defensive, and let Mary know right away that: It is none of your business, OK Despite her experience, she riled at this, and told him straight that it was, and that he ought to think very carefully about what he was doing. Dr Jones interpreted this as a threat (which it was, partly), said he wasn t going to stand for that, and told Mary to get out of his ward . Angry and upset, Mary left. And now she doesn t know what to do.
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4. Coady Y, Kiczales G. Back to the Future: A Retroactive Study of Aspect Evolution in Operating System Code. In Proceedings of Aspect Oriented Systems Development AOSD 2003, pp 138 146. 5. Bassi A, Beck M, Moore T, Plank JS. `The logistical backbone: Scalable infrastructure for global data grids'. In Proceedings of Asian Computing Science Conference, Hanoi, Vietnam, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 2550/2002, Springer, December 4 6, pp 1 12. 6. Braynard R, Kostic D, Rodriguez A, Chase J, Vahdat A. `Opus: An overlay peer utility service'. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Open Architectures and Network Programming (OPENARCH), June 2002. 7. Campbell AT, De Meer HG, Kounavis ME, Miki K, Vicente J, Villela DA, `The Genesis Kernel: A virtual network operating system for spawning network architectures'. In Proceedings. IEEE OPENARCH'99, New York, March 1999. 8. Castro, M, et al. `One ring to rule them all: Service discovery and binding in structured peer-to-peer overlay networks'. SIGOPS, France, September 2002. 9. Clarke I, Sandberg O, Wiley B, Hong TW. `Freenet: A distributed anonymous information storage and retrieval system'. Workshop on Design Issues in Anonymity and Unobservability, July 2000, pp 311 320. 10. De Meer H, Tutschku K. `Dynamic operation in peer-to-peer overlays'. Poster Presentation Supplement to the Proceedings of Fourth Annual International Working Conference on Active Networks, Zurich, Switzerland, December 4 6, 2002. 11. De Meer H, Tutschku K, Tran-Gia P. `Dynamic Operation in peer-to-peer overlay networks', Praxis der Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation, (PIK Journal), Special Issue on Peer-to-Peer Systems, June 2003. 12. Ghosh A, Fry M, Crowcroft J. `An Architecture for application layer routing'. IWAN 2000; pp 71 86. 13. Wang J.G, Li ZZ, Kou Y N. `Research and implementation of a scalable secure active network node'. In Proceedings. of IEEE International. Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, Vol. 1, November 2002, pp 111 115. 14. Kiczales G, Lamping J, Videira Lopes C, Mendhekar A, Murphy G. Open implementation design guidelines. In Proceedings of International Conference on Software Engineering, Boston, M, May, 1997 pp 87 96. 15. Keahey K, et al. `Computational grids in action: The national fusion collaboratory'. Future Generation Computer Systems 2002; 18:(8): 1005 1015. 16. Korpela, E, et al. `SETI@home: Massively distributed computing for SETI'. Computing in Science and Engineering 2001; 3(1): 78 83. 17. Klingberg T, Manfredi R. The Gnutella Protocol Version 0.6 Draft, Gnutella Developer Forum, 2002, les/Development/. 18. Moerdijk AJ, Klostermann L. `Opening the networks with Parlay/OSA: Standards and aspects behind the APIs'. IEEE Network 2003; 17(3): 58 64. 19. Ratnasamy S. `A scalable content-addressable network'. Ph.D. Thesis, U.C. Berkeley, October 2002. 20. Ratnasamy S, Francis P, Handley M, Karp R, Shenker S. `A scalable content-addressable network'. In Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM, August 2001.
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3.4 Developing with Object-Oriented Middleware
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The important property of the Gray code order is that corresponding nodes of a binary cube de ne an edge of the binary cube whenever they are neighbors in the Gray code order (this property is not valid for the lexicographic order 0, 1, 2, . . . , 2n 1 of binary addresses). The re ected Gray code order for subsets has been generalized for variations [7,15]. Gray codes of variations have application in analog to digital conversion of data. We establish a n-ary re ected Gray code order of variations as follows. Let x = x1 x2 . . . xm and y = y1 y2 . . . ym be two variations. Then x < y iff there exist i, 0 i m, such that xj = yj for j < i and either x1 + x2 + . . . + xi 1 is even and xi < yi or x1 + x2 + + xi 1 is odd and xi >yi . We now prove that the order is a minimal change order. Let x and y be two consecutive variations in given order, x < y, and let xj = yj for j < i and xi = yi . There are two cases. If xi < yi then Xi = x1 + x2 + + xi 1 is even and yi = xi + 1. Thus Xi+1 and Yi+1 have different parity, since Yi+1 = Xi+1 + 1. It means that either xi+1 = yi+1 = 0 or xi+1 = yi+1 = n 1 (the (i + 1)th element in x is the maximum at that position while the (i + 1) the element in y is the minimum at given position, and they are the same because of different parity checks). Similarly we conclude Yj = Xj + 1 and xj = yj for all j>i + 1. The case xi >yi can be analyzed in analogous way, leading to the same conclusion. As an example, 3-ary re ected Gray code order of variations out of {0, 1, 2} is as follows (the variations are ordered columnwise):
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Output of Dispatched Units in MW
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Figure 10.1 The fashion marketing planning process.
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