where rn and n are the re ection coef cients of Zg and ZL with respect to the characteristic impedance Zn of the nth mode. Equation (4.7.6) represents the output voltage spectra as superpositions of N modal line contributions. The time-domain output waveforms can be obtained by the inverse Fourier transformation to be 1 vi t N ( N 1 X
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Port Lucaya Marketplace. & 242/373-6137. Lunch main courses $7 $13; dinner main courses $10 $23. AE, MC, V. Daily 7am 11pm.
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Alignment of OMG/IDL Atomic Data Types
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EJB & JSP: Java On The Edge, Unlimited Edition ISBN: 0764548026 by Lou Marco Your Guide to Cutting-Edge J2EE Programming Techniques.
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Figure 15-1 Stretching the image histogram. The y-axis (left) shows the number of pixels of value x in the histogram; the y-axis (right) shows the output values given by the LUT. Brightness and contrast are adjusted by moving the black set and white set handles at the bottom edges of the histogram. (a) Histogram display before adjustment; the darkest and brightest pixel values are normalized to span all 256 gray levels ranging from black (0) to white (255) on the monitor. (b) Histogram and image display after adjustment. The white set has been reduced to a value less than 255 and the black set increased to a value greater than 0. The pixels included between the two set points are shown in shades of gray, a procedure known as histogram stretching. All pixels with values greater than the white set point are shown as white, while all pixels with values lower than the black set point are shown as black.
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One may take from the comments of Campbell and Drent a sort of chicken and the egg feeling. Certainly, many if not most forensic professionals in organizations would like to be in the position where they had high-level executive access, were involved in important decisions, had sufficient resources, and found senior management responsive when they surfaced issues. The issue is not that this is not a highly desirable state of affairs. The task is how to move from a present position of relative weakness toward this state of increased visibility and enhanced effectiveness. In this regard, Drent offers four suggestions:10 1. Hire a professional services firm to evaluate and benchmark the function to industry best practices. This can infuse new ideas into the function and also provide current industry comparisons for use in future discussions with executive management about resources and scope of responsibility. 2. The function must have a conceptual framework from which to be able to articulate its role when holding discussions with key customers and partners. In the audit field, the Institute of Internal Auditors Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and the internal control framework developed and enunciated by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations provide useful guidance and professional reference points. 3. Never assume the internal audit function is doing a good job. In this regard Drent is much like Campbell, who believes the need to remain relevant to the customers needs and frames of reference is crucial to organizational success. 4. Develop a few key performance measurements, but these must be relevant to customer needs and perceptions. Again, like Campbell, Drent recognizes the need for a scorecard that makes sense to those whom the function serves. It is important also to remember that the forensic function in a given organization may be isolated in a geographic sense, but may find substantial and continuing means of support from the greater forensic community and professional associations. As the field develops, there may well be a rising tide phenomenon that, through research, scholarship, visibility, and communication, will operate to assist individual entities in their efforts at growth and development. The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) has already endorsed such a proposition, in The Accountancy Profession and the Fight Against Corruption, a paper released in 1999. In it, the IFAC suggests that the profession unite and team with other professions, the business community, governmental entities, legislative bodies, regulators, and other organizations to combat corruption. The IFAC also announced its plans to work with organizations such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Organization for Economic Development,
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