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In addition to the absence of gender in Bowen theory, there was also an absence of sensitivity to issues of race and class. Drawing attention to the impact of institutionalized racism on marital relations in African American families, Elaine Pinderhughes (1986) characterized Black women as holding a nodal position in which the stresses of racism and gender coalesce. Cognizant of the struggles of their fathers, brothers, and sons, many Black women tend to give up self rather than negotiate for their own interests, and thereby add to the burden of their husbands, domestic partners, or sons. Thus, institutionalized racism exacerbates gender socialization by increasing the pressure on Black women to give up self in the family. Again, it is interesting that Bowen did not address issues of race and power within Black families, because he was so clear about how Black families were used to manage the anxiety of the White majority in U.S. society. In his concept of the societal projection process, Bowen (1978) proposed that all nondominant groups, but particularly African Americans and individuals labeled mentally ill, become the object of benevolent help by members of society. This help serves to keep the recipients in an inferior position, effectively institutionalizing their marginal status. Keeping certain members of society in an inferior position relieves the anxiety of others by reassuring them that they are superior to the marginalized group. Bowen theory s failure to address the inequalities of power between wives and husbands in both White and Black families represents serious limitations to its usefulness in helping families change. However, if these issues of race, gender, and economic power are addressed, Bowen theory has the potential to be extremely helpful. I N T E GR AT I NG F E M I N I ST T H EORY A N D BOW E N FA M I LY SYST E M S T H EORY Many issues that couples struggle with are systemic rather than personal. For example, the cultural process of gender socialization sets the stage for women to assume the majority of the responsibility for childcare and housework by constructing women as primary caretakers and men as primary providers. Patriarchy creates economic inequalities that further reinforce the traditional division of labor. For Whites, women s lower earnings predispose wives, rather than husbands, to limit paid employment at the birth of the first child. For Blacks, men s lower rates of paid employment discourage marriage, leaving large numbers of Black women to struggle as single mothers, and large numbers of Black men to be isolated from their children. For married couples, the male power and privilege that derives from male dominance constructs a sense of entitlement in men. This entitlement denies the unfairness of leaving their wives with more than 50% of the household responsibility, even when she shoulders almost 50% of the financial responsibility. In the Black community, the unfavorable ratio of eligible men to women too often discourages long-term commitment and responsibility within intimate heterosexual relationships. Although these marital
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A good part of our lives is spent keeping track of things. We keep track of our expenditures, we log the hours we spend at work, and we chart our progress in so many areas of our work and personal lives. Although in some cases we do all this tracking out of idle interest, in some kinds of businesses (such as a law firm), keeping track of hours worked on a project or case is simply a requirement of the job. If you are like most BlackBerry owners, you probably don t go anywhere without your handy little communicator. The fact that BlackBerry is constantly with you means that, effectively, you have a computer that can potentially be a great electronic tracker to help you record all of those bits of information. This section explores a sampling of BlackBerry programs that help you track a variety of things, including mileage driven, business expenses, and billable time.
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Figure 1.80 Hilbert monopoles
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Human-Altered Flood Patterns
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Router buffer 3 Optic fiber/ Ethernet cable Router 3 Backward path: ACK packets Optic fiber/ Ethernet cable
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GSM and UMTS: The Creation of Global Mobile Communication
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Example There is a new pricing model being announced and here it is. Here is the new pricing model, how it works, and how it differs from the previous model. Learn how to price complex products so you can become a pricing guru.
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