This filter removes high-spatial-frequency details such as noisy pixels and sharply defined intensity transitions at the edges of objects in the image (Fig. 15-7). It blurs by partially leveling the values of pixels in a small pixel neighborhood. A low-pass filter has the effect of passing or minimally altering low-spatial-frequency components hence its designation as a low-pass filter and can make cosmetic improvements to grainy, low-S/N images, but at the expense of reduced resolution.
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Poltrock, S., 439 Pomeroy, W., 338 Ponterotto, J. G., 237 Pope, K. S., 229, 231 Pope, M., 435 Popenoe, D., 31 Porche-Burke, L., 353 Porter, N., 230, 231 Prager, E., 395 Prata, G., 195, 198 Preacher, K. J., 254 Prest, L., 98, 355 Prilleltensky, O., 231 Prince, S. E., 443 Prochaska, J. O., 194, 200 Pruzinsky, T., 205 Pugh, C., 68, 70, 72, 73, 76 Putnam, F. W., 275 Quigley, B. M., 291, 292, 299 Qui ones, R., 122 Rait, D., 255 Rampage, C., 229, 230 Rao, K. V., 31 Rao, L., 304 Rao, S., 255 Raskin, M., 355 Rawson, R. A., 330 Raymond, M., 423 Redlich, F. C., 403 Rehman, U., 290, 291, 292, 299, 300 Reid, P. T., 231 Reik, T., 398 Reis, H. T., 436, 437 Remer, P., 228, 232, 238 Remien, R. H., 377 Renzetti, C., 301 Revenstorf, D., 120, 123 Rholes, W. S., 181 Rice, D. G., 408, 409, 412, 414, 416, 417, 426 Rice, J. K., 232, 405, 406, 408, 409, 410, 412, 414, 416, 426 Richards, P. S., 355 Risen, C. B., 150 Ritter, K. Y., 373, 379 Ritvo, P. G., 255 Rivers, R. Y., 67 Robbins, M. S., 71, 74 Roberto, L. G., 83 Roberts, T. W., 183 Roberts-Carroll, M., 233 Robertson, J., 229 Robins, R. W., 436 Robinson, J. A., 354 Robinson, T. L., 231 Rodriguez, C. P., 180, 443 Rodriguez, H., 31
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When psychologists believe that there may have been an ethical violation by another psychologist, they attempt to resolve the issue by bringing it to the attention of that individual, if an informal resolution appears appropriate and the intervention does not violate any confidentiality rights that may be involved. (See also Standard 1.02, Conflicts Between Ethics and Law, Regulations, or Other Governing Legal Authority, and 1.03, Conflicts Between Ethics and Organizational Demands.)
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