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The Ansoff matrix can be a useful tool to aid in the development of marketing strategy. A version of the matrix applied to fashion marketing is shown in Figure 10.3. In the main, strategies are considered that offer new products or services to existing customers as in quadrant 2 or the same products or services to new market segments as in quadrant 3. High-risk 2d barcode generator
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Your implementation of an entity bean that works with the home interface template (Listing 12-2) and the remote interface template (Listing 12-4) can resemble the template shown in Listing 12-5. Listing 12-5: Template for defining an entity bean import java.rmi.* ; import javax.ejb.* ; import java.util.* ; public class MyBeanClass implements EntityBean {
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qr barcode size restore for .net Code 2d barcode Ionoregulation Marine teleost shes maintain their internal body uids at optimal concentrations through a process of, usually, hypo-osmoregulation, by continually drinking and continually excreting excess salts. By the nature of hypo-osmoregulation, the sh must actively pump salts from the body by energetically-expensive methods against concentration gradients. When a sh is then stressed through exposure to pollutants, two things can happen. If the pollutant exhibits a non-speci c whole animal effect then the whole process of osmoregulation can be affected with the consequences described below in section However, some pollutants can act in a more targeted inhibitory manner, which can disrupt speci c physiological processes (e.g. Thaker et al., 1996; Webb & Wood, 1998). In marine teleosts, the two most obvious ionoregulatory processes are the excretion of sodium and chloride ions. However, there are instances where osmolarity and levels of sodium and chloride ions remain constant in stressed sh, but disruption of the balance of potassium ions can disrupt the sh haematology (Alkindi et al., 1996). Whole-body ionic concentrations can be employed as indicators of sublethal pollution stress. For example, whole body sodium concentration is a frequently used indicator of whole-animal stress in freshwater sh (Sayer et al., 1991a,b; Dennis & Bulger, 1995). Ionic disturbance can also be a reliable indicator of sublethal stress in marine species, although it is more apparent in dying sh (Sayer & Reader, 1996; LeRuyet et al., 1998).
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We have a hunger of the mind which asks for knowledge of all around us, and the more we gain, the more is our desire; the more we see, the more we are capable of seeing. Maria Mitchell
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sense of choice, empowerment, and personal agency. Following are some of the assumptions we carry in our work with couples. Assumptions about Problems It s not a Who, it s a What. The couple (or partner) is not the problem, the problem (or constraining force) is the problem. Since problems are viewed as external to couples, we look for nouns that name problems, rather than adjectives that describe partners (as problematic). So, rather than viewing Marci and/or Max as codependent, we d be more inclined to see them struggling with the effects of Codependency. Problems reside in the shoulds and supposed to s. Using a socialconstructionist lens in our work, we remain curious about whether statements beginning with I should . . . are actually of value to the couple. Examples of social constructs and possibly problematic discourses are the following: Religion (I should not be gay), Media (I should have a partner), Patriarchy (I should have sex when my partner wants to). Couples are continually recruited into evaluating themselves against dominant norms. If they don t conform to these norms, couples often experience themselves as failures. There is no such thing as a too small unique exception. It is not uncommon for couples to speak of exceptions to their problems as small or insignificant: It was just that one time, or It only lasted about five seconds. There is no such thing as a too small exception. Every unique exception is a piece of gold, waiting to be grown (from 1 time to 2, from 5 seconds to 10) into alternative stories. Problems can be multifaceted. In the same way that we refrain from totalizing descriptions of couples, we resist totalizing descriptions of what the couple defines as problematic. Are there aspects of Fear that might actually be useful to you, for example, in alerting you to unsafe situations Problems are maintained by discourses embedded in power relations. Beliefs and ideas keep certain problems alive. We turn a critical eye on ways in which the culture privileges certain belief systems over others, impacting couples and the ways in which they view their relationships. Assumptions about Couples The Partners are the experts. We don t presume to be experts on the lives of couples who consult with us. We view each couple as unique and individual, and resist any ideas of holding them up to a normative standard of what constitutes a healthy couple. Couples are inherently resourceful. Oftentimes, a couple s resources have been obscured by the strength of the problem. It is our job as narrative
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What is not yet clear about interactive TV is the nature of the majority of content that will be viewed. A few years back, there would have been little argument: it would be enhanced television programmes, with enhancement primarily being an increase in the number of channels and the addition of some level of interactivity with the programme or the associated advertising material. Things are not quite so clear today; there is a school of thought which believes that digital TV is a way of delivering access, not to broadcasters, not even to narrowcasters but to the content available on the Internet. That is, to a much, much wider spectrum of content, on a much wider range of subjects, unmediated by broadcasters or convention, by and large poorly produced and highly variable in quality, generally poor but with gems that we may nd personally of great value. This is the domain of Web-TV . In other words, the digital TV set becomes a terminal for accessing the Web. Implicit in this viewpoint, and relevant speci cally to this chapter, are the technical implications that this poses. At rst sight, there is no reason why there should be any problems. After all, we have said that a set-top box is simply a computer without a screen or keyboard. That is true, but here lie a number of problems: without a keyboard, how are we going to control the interactivity Is it possible to provide acceptable access to the Web, simply by using a TV remote control Alternatively, is it necessary to provide a keyboard, and what format should this take, bearing in mind that it will add to the price, which, in the consumer market, may be a signi cant issue In any case, what level of control do we provide This raises the question of the appropriate browser for TV set. In marketing terms, a TV set is not a computer, however similar the interior technology. It is a consumer product with a customer expectation regarding, among other things, stability and ease of operation, by unskilled users. Browsers churn regularly and are incompatible. This is not only true for browsers; it also applies to plug-ins for sound and moving images, as well as other applications. We do not know whether users will happily use their TV sets in two modes: simple, entertainment-based and also, complex IT-based. One further problem: screen size. The author was involved some years ago on video-on-demand services. We punctiliously developed our applications so that they ran, not on computer screens, but on standard TV sets, so that, in our estimation, we would not display anything on the screen that could not be viewed comfortably. We found that text at anything like the density it is usually displayed on a Web page, is extremely dif cult to see. So (rather smugly) we demonstrated large-print text to our marketing people to show them we were customer-friendly. They were nearly satis ed, but they asked us to lay on a demonstration on a real TV set in a real room. The results were disappointing. We had developed on-the-bench , close up to the set. At practical distances, a TV set subtends a very much narrower angle than does a PC screen. Text on the latter can often be completely illegible on the former.
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8.1.2 The CORBA Naming Service
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Terminals with a smaller soft bu er value for example, category 5 cannot deal with incremental redundancy at the higher data rates (closer to the 3.6-Mbps peak rate), so the network has to use soft/chase combining instead. Whether this is the case depends also on the total number of ARQ processes con gured and on relative memory partitioning. The highest capability is provided with category 10, which allows the theoretical maximum data rate of 14.4 Mbps. This rate is achievable with one-third rate turbocoding and signi cant puncturing resulting in a code rate close to 1 that is, hardly any coding. For category 9, the maximum turbo-encoding block size (from Release 99) has been taken into account when calculating the values, and thus results in the 10.2-Mbps maximum user data rate value with four turbo-encoding blocks. Besides the physical category to be reported to the network there are other parameters important for HSDPA operation. The size of the RLC reordering bu er determines the window length of the packets that can be in the pipeline to ensure in-sequence delivery of data to higher layers in the terminal. The minimum values range from 50 to 150 kB depending on the UE category (as can be seen from Table 4.3). The bu er size has been derived so that there should be no limitations to the data rate due to this, assuming UTRAN end delays (including RLC retransmission handling) are reasonable and, thus, the memory needed for the RLC bu er does not get too large. There is a link in the terminal capability with Release 6 HSUPA. The support of HSDPA is mandatory for a terminal that supports high-speed uplink packet access (HSUPA) in Release 6, but the HSDPA category can be chosen freely. Release 6 HSDPA additions like F-DPCH or the pre/post scheme are mandatory for Release 6 HSDPA capable terminals, while support for features like advanced receivers or receiver antenna diversity depends on a particular implementation and is not part of terminal capability signalling. The terminal capabilities for HSDPA operation are speci ed in [9].
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4.04 Minimizing Intrusions on Privacy
Part 2
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The following examples provide typical dispatch outcomes for speci c technologies. The examples move through the supply stack in m erit order.
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