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Although the power requirement of a given household at a particular time may be quite high, the average household requirement is approximately 1800 watts. The gure is far lower than the sum of individual appliances because households do not run all their appliances simultaneously. Additionally, appliance use varies among households: Not everyone runs their clothes dryer at the same time. There are exceptions: Air conditioning usage is highly correlated across households since households respond to the same weather patterns. Weather is one among several factors that determine load. A brief discussion of load drivers and their impact follows. The critical load drivers are listed and discussed below. Population Although energy consumption varies from household to household, overall residential load is highly correlated with population. It stands to reason that more households create more demand. GDP The wealth of households is also highly correlated with demand. Wealthier households have central air conditioning, larger living space, larger refrigerators, and more appliances. They are less sensitive to utility bills and accordingly less likely to economize their discretionary consumption, for example, turning up the thermostat on central air conditioning. In economic upturns, residential demand per household increases. Temporal Behavior Patterns Electric consumption varies over time cycles in relation to variation in human activities. The cycles are associated with different timescales, seasonal, weekly, and daily. A modest seasonal consumption cycle follows the vacation and school cycles. Weekly cycles that follow a weekday and
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D. Ledgard, 25 Years Since the First Microcomputer The Altair, June 1999. http://www.
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