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Let X = the price of a home and Y = the number of people who can afford the home. X and Y are negatively correlated (Corr(X,Y) < 0). As the price of the home increases, the number of people who can afford it decreases.
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As you can see, the longest hop is between 4 (Global Crossing probably in Minneapolis) and 5 (GC in Seattle). That gap is not really a bottleneck; it just reflects the distance between those hops. Sometimes, the last hops look like this:
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3 The vehicle dynamic model used for gyrocompass alignment ltering can be ``tuned'' to include the major resonance modes of the vehicle suspension.
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8 Note that this is not the case for normal texts, in which, for instance, the letter u is not very likely to be followed by the overall most frequent letter e . If there is a dependence on the context, the question/coding scheme can be improved upon.
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The diagram on the left shows how inheritance is used in classes P l a y e r _ D i s p a t c h and P l a y e r _ I m p l , which are contained in the server stub for object type P l a y e r . C lass P l a y e r _ S e r v e r , which implements the IDL type P l a y e r , implements all deferred operations defined in P l a y e r _ I m p l . The diagram on the right shows an interface-based implementation with the relationships of interfaces and classes involved on the server side. For an IDL interface P l a y e r , an IDL compiler might produce a server stub class P l a y e r _ D i s p a t c h , whose purpose is to unmarshal parameters. P l a y e r _ D i s p a t c h then calls the requested method from the server object. The static type of the object reference used in that call would be of type P l a y e r _ I m p l , which is an interface implemented in class P l a y e r _ S e r v e r .
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XBL file containing prompt bindings (Continued).
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Whom This Book Is For
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could constitute white-collar crime. The report also states that businesses are as likely as individuals to be victims of white-collar crime, and that white-collar crimes, on a per-incident basis, are more costly than property crimes.29 From my long experience in the FBI, I also believe federal offense data are of limited use. The White Collar Crime Section of the FBI s Criminal Investigative Division does keep track of white-collar crimes within the FBI s purview (not all are), mainly for program assessment purposes and use in preparing budget testimony. The vast majority of these are Bank Fraud and Embezzlement (BF&E) matters, but here again the utility of the data for our purposes falls off rapidly. A BF&E offense may be committed by an employee seeking to defraud the bank (an occupational fraud for our purposes) or an outsider running some sort of swindle. Even this data is tracked only because the financial institution is federally insured, which gives the FBI the basis for its jurisdiction in the first place. Most occupational frauds (those involving other than federally insured institutions) are usually captured under one of several federal statutes, some of which may not even be within the FBI s White Collar Crime Program. Typical of these would be Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property, Fraud By Wire, Mail Fraud, and Conspiracy. In recent years, certain categories of computer crimes have been added to such statistics, as have violations of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996. Again, we have the BF&E problem: From the statistics alone, it is difficult to determine if any of these acts involved an employee and were, thereby, an occupational fraud. Further, each judicial district in the United States, ninety-some in total, has prosecutive guidelines, which they use to prioritize prosecutions. Generally, these are set higher in urban areas than in rural locales. Thus, while a given statute may say that a theft of $5,000 or more will trigger federal prosecution, the reality is that the working number sufficient to arouse federal interest may be $50,000, $100,000, or higher. Depending on the district, matters below this threshold amount are not accepted into the federal system and, accordingly, are not considered federal crimes even though they are clear-cut violations of law. This problem may, for all we know, be only the tip of a rather large iceberg. As Wells further notes with regard to the 6 percent figure:
Leakage is the unauthorized disclosure of information.
Section 2: UMTS from a European Community Regulatory Perspective
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