The 3GPP membership is organized through organizational partners. Individual companies need to be members of one of the organizational partners, and based on this membership there is the right to participate in 3GPP activity. The following are the current organizational partners:
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Declaring Attributes
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Diabetes DM programs reduce per-member, per-month costs, inpatient days, inpatient costs, and total costs. One health plan that implemented a DM program for Medicare and commercial members with diabetes found that total per-member, per-month costs for diabetes patients enrolled in the program were 33% less than costs in a control group. Another plan found that its diabetes DM program for commercial HMO members and employer self-insured plans reduced total inpatient costs by 14.4%, inpatient days by 6.9%, and total costs by 6.4% during a one-year period. The plan estimated that for every dollar spent on the program, it saved between $1.75 and $2.00. DM programs for multiple chronic conditions provide a major return on investment. Health plans DM programs often address multiple chronic conditions, including diabetes, coronary artery disease, asthma, and congestive heart failure. An evaluation of a plan with a multicondition DM program for its Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial members found that for every dollar spent, it saved $2.94. Preliminary analysis of the program also found a net savings of $.90 per member, per month. A similar program that another health plan established for commercial HMO and employer-self insured members found that the program saved between $2.25 and $2.50 for every dollar spent.
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The plugin action takes an optional param action as well. You may code a fallback action to provide information when the plugin fails to load. Basically, the fallback action provides alternate text that performs the same function as the ALT attribute.
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1.2 The Power Delivery Chain in a Market Environment
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Large, wedge-shaped, low density area representing tissue infarction by a right middle cerebral artery occlusion.
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validation of system components; network implementation phases; technical type approval matters.
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al., 1996; Gray & Metcalfe, 1997; Lye et al., 1997). In addition, reduced ovarian development has been reported by Jobling et al. (1996). In other studies, Anderson et al. (1996a,b) have reported reduced liver synthesis of Vtg (i.e. antioestrogenic effects) in juvenile sh treated with cytochrome P4501A inducing compounds. Given the energetic cost of reproduction and the long decision time, it seems most likely that xenobiotically-induced hepatic Vtg synthesis may cause an imbalance in the reproductive strategy of a given sh population (see 5). Thorpe (1994) suggested that during maturation, the internal responses that are synchronised by external signals depend on some genetically determined performance threshold, and that maturation processes will continue if this performance exceeds a set point at this critical time. For example, in salmonids survival after spawning implies a chance dependent balance between stored energy and that spent on reproduction, because maturation has developmental priority over somatic growth (Policansky, 1983). Therefore, xenoestrogen-induced Vtg synthesis outside normal maturation period may result in wasteful use of stored energy resources. The ecological implication of this might be failure in the reproduction of affected individual sh, and in the long term affecting recruitment in the entire population (see review by Arukwe & Goks yr, 1998). Another possible deleterious effect is that high Vtg concentrations might cause kidney failure and increased mortality rates as a result of metabolic stress (Herman & Kincaid, 1988). Furthermore, although not yet demonstrated, there is a possibility that reduced testicular growth could reduce fertility (Jobling et al., 1996). Continued synthesis of Vtg diverts available energy resources (lipids, proteins), thereby reducing chances of juvenile survival before they start feeding. Loss of calcium from bones and also from the scales during active Vtg synthesis (Carragher & Sumpter, 1991) may increase the susceptibility of sh to disease. In a report by Arukwe et al. (1997b), it was shown that the alkylphenol, 4-nonylphenol (NP), induced the production of eggshell zona radiata protein (Zrp) in juvenile sh. Also in this report, Zrp was shown to be comparatively more sensitive to the xenoestrogen than Vtg. Xenoestrogen-induced changes in Zrp synthesis appear to have a higher potential for ecologically adverse effects than Vtg induction, because critical population parameters such as offspring survival and recruitment may be more directly affected. The argument for this is that, whereas subtle changes in Vtg content would not be of great signi cance to the survival of the offspring, small changes in Zrp synthesis might alter the thickness and mechanical strength of the eggshell, thus causing a loss in its ability to prevent polyspermy during fertilisation and to protect the embryo during development (Arukwe et al., 1997a,b; Arukwe & Goks yr, 1998). Impacts on fecundity In sheries biology there are two principle de nitions of fecundity: absolute fecundity, which is de ned as the total number of eggs ovulated per sh; and relative fecundity, which is the number of eggs ovulated per unit (kg) body weight. However, other terms occur in the literature and these are not always well de ned by the authors. Batch fecundity, for example, is the number of eggs produced per spawning. From this, the number of eggs that a female spawns will depend on the number of eggs per spawning, which in itself will depend
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In addition to the ancillary services market, CAISO operated a real-time market through its real-time dispatch decisions. CAISO optimized ancillary services and schedule adjustment bids to balance supply and demand in real time. The marginal energy cost of these services determined the real-time price, which the ISO published after the fact. Every generator received the real-time price for generation beyond its scheduled generation. Generators that delivered less than their scheduled energy commitments paid the real-time price. Similarly, every load retailer paid the real-time price for every unscheduled MWH of consumption and received the real-time price for scheduled load that did not materialize.
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