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behavior and red ones for feminine behavior. The Cliffords will then reward Kyle for the blue chips minus the red ones he brings home from school. Wanda, I m just not comfortable with this. What do you think I should do What should I tell the Cliffords How should Wanda respond to this situation What are the ethical issues involved (See LeVay, 1996, pp. 97 102.) 2. Sam Foster, school psychologist, developed good rapport with Frank Green, a tenth grader, when he counseled Frank about some problems in adjusting to a new stepfather. Later in the year, Frank makes an appointment to see Sam and reports that things seem to be going better at home. He confides that he stopped by to talk with Sam because he is worried about a girl in his woodshop class named Heidi. Heidi is a friendly 16year-old who is mentally retarded. Recently, three boys in the woodshop class began to show a special interest in her. Frank saw the boys take Heidi into a storeroom near the woodshop on two occasions after class, and he thinks the boys are doing something bad to Heidi. How should Sam handle this situation 3. Cindy, a troubled 14-year-old whom Hannah has seen previously for counseling, comes to her without an appointment. She is upset because two of her best friends, Tara and Trisha, have made plans to ambush and beat up another girl after school because of an argument about a boy. She knows that Tara and Trisha have been in trouble at school before for fighting, and she is worried they will be kicked out of school if they follow through on their plans, and that they may really hurt their intended victim. How should Hannah respond to this situation What are the ethicallegal issues involved 4. Nora Hudson, a 16-year-old, makes an appointment to see Charlie Maxwell, the school psychologist. Nora confides that she is worried that her friend Jason may be planning to kill himself. She reports that Jason has been upset since his parents announced their plans for divorce several weeks ago and that he has been talking about ending it all because life isn t worth living. Recently Jason gave her several books from his prized collection of science fiction because he won t be needing them anymore. How should Charlie handle this situation
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GaAs substrate, quasi-TEM is the dominant mode of wave propagation and the transmission line equations are given as ! @ @ V x; t R L I x; t @x @t ! @ @ I x; t G C V x; t @x @t 4:4:1 4:4:2
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For more information on the various settings, go to IDE Help.
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maximizing BU [8,11]. This chapter describes in detail four recent resource allocation strategies in multimedia LEO satellite networks that use a novel call admission control concept. The performance of these schemes is compared and simulation results show that they offer low CDP, providing for reliable handoff of on-going calls, good CBP for new call requests, while maintaining high BU.
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information in the form of valuations (prices) and volatility of valuations (business risk) as observed among public rms. This so-called comparables model recognizes that values will change over time across industries and geographical regions in a way that re ects important information about future cash ows for a private rm, and their risk. Moody s KMV justi es this approach for various reasons. Moody s KMV asserts: Private rms compete with public rms, buy from the same vendors, sell to the same customers, hire from the same labor pool, and face the same economic tide. Investment choices re ected in market trends and the cash payoffs from these choices in uence management decision-making at both private and public rms. A private rm cannot exist in a vacuum; the market pressures on its business ultimately impact it. Ignoring market information and relying entirely on historical nancial data is like driving while looking in the rear view mirror: it works very well when the road is straight. Only market information can signal turns in the prospects faced by a private rm. (KMV, 2001) The input window for the Private Firm Model is the same as for the Moody s KMV public rm model (Credit Monitor), except that the input market items are not used. In the absence of market equity values, asset value and volatility have to be estimated on the basis of the comparables analysis discussed previously and characteristics of the rm obtained from the balance sheet and income statement. Exhibit 3.6 depicts the drivers and information ow in the Private Firm Model. The Private Firm Model (like Credit Monitor for public companies, to be described in the next section) has three steps in the determination of the default probability of a rm: 1. Estimate asset value and volatility: The asset value and asset volatility of the private rm are estimated from market data on comparable companies from Credit Monitor coupled with the rm s reported operating cash ow, sales, book value of liabilities, and its industry mix. 2. Calculate the distance to default: The rm s distance to default is calculated from the asset value, asset volatility, and the book value of its liabilities. 3. Calculate the default probability: The default probability is determined by mapping the distance to default to the default rate. In the Private Firm Model, the estimate of the value of the rm s assets depends on whether the rm has positive EBITDA. Moody s KMV
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lines on all levels. For example, for three interconnection lines in any con guration, the impedance matrix is given by Zi11 Z 4 Zi21 Zi31 2 Zi12 Zi22 Zi32 3 Zi13 Zi23 5 Zi33
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12 % Probability density function (pdf)
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Messenger from the Futures
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