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The last two in particular enable service providers to offer IP services with enhanced security over a shared network infrastructure, as described below.
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15.2 TOPOLOGY CONTROL OBJECTIVES In the most general de nition, topology control refers to transferring the underlying network topology to a graph having a desired property. This section will substantiate this de nition by listing some of the most frequently pursued objectives. Depending on the application of scenario topology control, only some of the listed objectives might be desired ones. Moreover, some of the objectives may be con icting ones and cannot be followed at the same time. Whenever two con icting goals are of interest at the same time, pro and contra of both methods have to be assessed in order to nd the right trade-off between them. 15.2.1 Connectivity
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The physical layer operation procedure of HSUPA has fewer elements speci ed in the physical layer speci cations compared with HSDPA. One of the key reasons is that more of the functionality regarding terminal transmission control is located in the MAC speci cations [9]. Physical layer procedures cover the handling of physical layer signalling from the Node B and HSUPA operation in compressed mode. Further, the HARQ operation procedure is covered in di erent parts of the speci cation in di erent channel descriptions as well as di erent timing sections.
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Guttman, S.I. (1994) Population genetic structure and ecotoxicology. Environmental Health Perspectives, 102 (12), 97 100. Haasch, M.L. (1996) Induction of anti-trout lauric acid hydroxylase immunoreactive proteins by peroxisome proliferators in bluegill and cat sh. Marine Environmental Research, 42, 287 291. Haasch, M.L., M.C. Henderson & D.R. Buhler (1998) Induction of CYP2M1 and CYP2K1 lauric acid hydroxylase activities by peroxisome proliferating agents in certain sh species: possible implications. Marine Environmental Research, 46 (1 5), 37 40. Halliwell, B. & J.M.C. Gutteridge (1986) Oxygen free radicals and iron in relation to biology and medicine: some problems and concepts. Archive for Biochemistry and Biophysics, 246, 501 514. Hamilton, S.J. & P.M. Mehrle (1986) Metallothionein in sh: review of its importance in assessing stress from metal contaminants. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 11, 596 609. Harshbarger, J.C. & J.B. Clark (1990) Epizootiology of neoplasms in bony sh of North America. Science of the Total Environment, 94, 1 32. Hartwell, L.H. & T.A. Weinert (1989) Checkpoints: controls that ensure the order of cell cycle events. Science, 246 (4930), 629 634. Harvey, J.S. (1995) Genotoxins in the Marine Environment. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Wales, Swansea. Harvey, J.S. & J.M. Parry (1997) 32P-postlabelling analysis of DNA adduct formation and persistence in the common mussel Mytilus edulis exposed to 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide. Mutation Research, 12, 153 158. Hayashi, K. (1994) Manipulation of DNA by PCR. In: (eds Mullis, K.B., F. Ferre & R.A. Gibbs) The Polymerase Chain Reaction. Birkhauser Press, Boston. Heddle, J.A., M.C. Cimino, M. Hayashi, F. Romagna, M.D. Shelby, J.D. Tucker, P. Vanparys & J.T. MacGregor (1991) Micronuclei as an index of cytogenetic damage: past, present, and future. Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, 18, 277 291. Hemminki, K. (1990) Environmental Carcinogens. In: (eds Cooper, C.S. & P.L. Grover) Chemical Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis I. Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 33 61. Hendricks, J.D., T.R. Meyers, D.W. Shelton, J.L. Casteel & G.S. Bailey (1985) Hepatocarcinogenicity of benzo[a]pyrene to rainbow trout by dietary exposure and intraperitoneal injection. Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 74, 839 851. Hidalgo, J., L. Campmany, M. Borr s, J.S. Garvey & A. Armario (1988) Metallothionein response to stress in rats: role in free radical scavenging. American Journal of Physiology, 255, E518 E524. Hillis, D., D. Moritz & B.K. Mable (1996) Molecular Systematics. Second ed. Sinauer Associates, Massachusetts. Hoffmann, A.A. & P.A. Parsons (1991) Evolutionary Genetics and Environmental Stress. Oxford Scienti c Publications, UK. Hogstrand, C. & C. Haux (1990) A radioimmunoassay for perch (Perca uviatilis) metallothionein. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 103, 56 65. Hogstrand, C. & C. Haux (1996) Naturally high levels of zinc and metallothionein in liver of several species of the squirrel sh family from Queensland, Australia. Marine Biology, 125, 23 31. Hogstrand, C., N.J. Gassman, B. Popova, C.M. Wood & P.J. Walsh (1996) The physiology of massive zinc accumulation in the liver of female aquirrel sh and its relationship to reproduction. jeb, 199, 2543 2554. Hollstein, M., P. Sidransky, P. Vogelstein & C.C. Harris (1991) p53 mutations in human cancer. Science, 253, 49 53. Hose, J.E. (1994) Large-scale genotoxicity assessments in the marine environment. Environmental Health Perspectives, 102, 29 32.
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RELIANT is a CAD tool developed by researchers at Clemson University [177] for the purpose of predicting the reliability of interconnections because of wearout due to electromigration. It predicts the instantaneous failure rate of the interconnection pattern as a function of time. The algorithm used in RELIANT is based on the principle of fracturing the interconnection pattern into a number of interconnection components, including straight segments, bonding pads, contact windows, vias between two metal layers, and steps resulting from discontinuities in the wafer surface. These components are assumed to be statistically independent, which is valid as long as the time of analysis is much smaller than the median time to failure and when the current density is low enough so that any thermal interactions among the components can be considered negligibly small. This latter requirement is usually satis ed if the current density is less than 106 A/cm2. A simpli ed ow diagram of RELIANT is shown in Fig. 5.6.1. It shows that RELIANT consists of three main modules, called EXTREM, COMBINE, and
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Figure 6.8 Looking at the binding example.
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800 A 700 600 500 Apples 400 E 300 Figure 3-1: The Production Possibilities Frontier (PPF) for the data in Table 3-2. 200 100 0 0 100 200 300 400 Oranges 500 600 F 700 800 D B C
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Weighing pros and cons of markets and government interventions
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Stock price
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