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+ # Calculate E00 (s) w01*w10*(1-e22)/(1-w12*w21-e22); end proc;
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the social self-image, which is how the person thinks others see him or her; the ideal social self-image, which is how the person would like others to see him or her.
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38. Id., 347. 39. Id., 349. 40. Id., 352 354. 41. Gary E. Reed and Peter Cleary Yeager, Organizational Offending and Neoclassical
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Plate 1.5 Lesions of oral lichen planus before and after methotrexate treatment.
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6.2 Dynamic Invocation
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Timeline: Events and Controller def init (self, trade, pricing date): self. events = {} # add events from legs leg id = 0 for l in trade.legs(): pay rcv = l.pay receive() for f in \ [f for f in l.flows() if f.pay date() >= pricing date]: observables = f.observables() if not observables: raise RuntimeError, "Missing observables" for o in observables: self. add event ( o.reset date() , pay event(f, pay rcv, leg id, o.reset id())) leg id += 1 # add events from exercise schedule if trade.has exercise schedule(): ex type = trade.exercise type() for ex in \ [ex for ex in trade.exercise schedule() if ex.notification date() > pricing date]: self. add event ( ex.notification date() , exercise event(ex, ex type)) def times(self): return sorted(self. events.keys()) def events(self, t): return self. events[t] def str (self): s = "events: \n" times = sorted(self. events.keys()) for t in times: s += "\"%s\", " % t events = self. events[t] for event in events: s += str(event) s += \n return s
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number of HARQ processes used by one VoIP user. This can be used for timemultiplexing of di erent users into separate HARQ processes. However, if three retransmissions per packet and no extra delay due to HARQ process allocation are allowed, then four HARQ processes out of eight need to be allocated for each user. The advantage of a 10-ms TTI is that all UEs support it, it requires lower peak rates and performs better at the cell edge and in soft handover than is the case for a 2-ms TTI. With a 2-ms TTI, higher cell capacity is achieved since more HARQ retransmissions can be allowed. Also, time-multiplexing of di erent users is possible. Non-scheduled transmission of the E-DCH is speci ed for guaranteed bit rate services and is therefore suitable for VoIP. The maximum number of bits per MAC-e payload data unit (PDU) per MAC-d ow is con gured by the serving RNC (SRNC) through radio resource control (RRC) signalling. The allowed bit rate should take into account speech codec rate, header compression e ciency and variations, and the existence of Real Time Control Protocol (RTCP) packets. The non-scheduled data rate can be changed via RRC signalling. Node B scheduling with uplink rate requests and downlink rate grants is also possible for VoIP. The Node B can send an absolute grant to the UE and activate only some HARQ processes (for a 2-ms TTI). This enables time-multiplexing of users. The advantage of scheduled transmission is that the UE can request a higher grant if needed for instance, due to RTCP packets. The scheduled grant is, however, a power allocation that does not guarantee a minimum bit rate and in soft handover other non-serving Node Bs can lower the serving grant of the UE. Therefore, RNC controlled non-scheduled transmission is more attractive for the VoIP service.
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In a scenario, devices and related entities can all be in the same medium, or each one can be in a different medium. Whenever the medium needs to be referred, the medium symbols will be used to express that medium to be in the air, on the ground, or in the water.
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Annex 2: Organisation Evolution of the Technical Groups
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