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Simultaneous Systematic and Heuristic Processing of Expert Scienti c Evidence
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tions, Jesperson became an officer in the U.S. Navy. When his tour of duty was finished, Jesperson debated getting a graduate degree because that was what everyone he knew seemed to be doing. But in business, a master s didn t provide much of an advantage and, in fact, could be a disadvantage when it came to getting hired. So Jesperson went to work for Texaco, the oil company, instead. Texaco had retail gas stations all over the country. It needed young men like Daryl Jesperson to work closely with the managers and owners of those stations in order to make them profitable and to align them with the Texaco brand. Essentially, this was franchise development work; but Texaco and the other oil companies didn t classify their stations as franchises they had received an exemption from the franchise laws. Nevertheless, Jesperson s experience working with franchise owners, developing their potential, introducing new concepts to them, and helping them navigate problems and market challenges would come in very handy for RE/MAX years later. Jesperson was doing fine as a corporate man, but he was starting to wonder about the color of the grass on the other side of the fence. Gordon Schick had just made salesman of the year at RE/MAX. This meant that he and his wife had gone from making a total of about $15,000 a year working several jobs to an astounding $44,000 in real estate. Schick and Fisher were both living the high life. They had plenty of money; they were driving new cars; and they each had a boat and a motor home. Meanwhile, Jesperson and his wife were tagging along on those family vacations, thinking, Wouldn t it be nice To Jesperson, it became apparent that he needed to either find some new friends or find a new job. Still, it wasn t easy in those days to change careers or to hop from one company to another. Loyalty was prized. Long-term commitment was seen as a sign of maturity and reliability. In the job market, it was difficult to find anything that didn t resemble if not exactly match the work you had been doing all along. Even if you found a company worth signing on to and managed a little bump in pay, there was little chance you could do something as radical as Schick had pulled off by more than doubling your salary. Jesperson thought, What do I have to lose I ll get my real estate license and give it a try. He wasn t even thinking about RE/MAX at first. He knew about it, of
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The criminal jury was reintroduced in Russia in 1993. One of the key provisions of the 1993 Russian Jury Law was to strip judges of their inquisitorial duty to dominate the questioning of defendants and witnesses. Nonetheless, Russian judges are still allowed to intervene with questions after the parties have nished their questioning and judges have apparently maintained a dominant, inquisitorial stance (Thaman, 1999). One wonders what impact this active intervention on the part of judges will have on Russian jurors. No data yet address this issue. Trial judges play an active role in other countries, as well. In Canada, for example, the judge has limited discretion to call witnesses who were not summoned by either side if he or she deems it necessary (Vidmar, 1999b). More importantly, Canadian judges (as well as their Australian and English counterparts) are obliged to review the case for the jury and are entitled to present their opinions about the strength of various pieces of evidence and about the credibility of various witnesses. The judge is also required to raise any questions about the evidence that favor the defendant, even if they were not brought up by the defense attorney. In England, the judge s summing up may last up to several hours (Lloyd-Bostock and Thomas, 1999). These practices are decidedly different from American trial procedures in which the judge rules on evidentiary issues and instructs the jury on the law, but leaves interpretation of the evidence in the hands of the jury. (In fact, when American juries pose a question to the judge during their deliberations, the judge is typically reluctant to provide assistance and usually refers jurors back to the evidence without comment.) Although judges must make it clear that jurors are not bound by judicial summation and evaluation (and Australian jurors are instructed to ignore the judge s views if they differ from their own conclusions), one wonders whether a layperson can maintain his or her personal interpretation of the facts in light of a learned judge s appraisal of the evidence. To what extent is jurors decision-making in uenced by the judge s comments To what extent does the summation assume an aura of legal and factual correctness To what extent are the deliberations guided by jurors impressions of the judge s reasoning and opinions Some answers come from a 1993 study of 800 cases conducted for the English Crown Court (Zander and Henderson, 1993). Nineteen percent of jurors surveyed in these
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3.2 Grid Equipment
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Authentication with password Start lftp with no connection Start connection in lftp session
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TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine !
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4 Redox Reactions in Non-Aqueous Solvents Fig. 4.9
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Let C be (one of) the tuple(s) c C for which wclosure(R) (c) is c maximal. Let W = {w R | w}, i.e. let W be the set of tuples c from which the weight of is computed. Then c 1 1 (closure(D)) X (t) = wclosure(R) ( ) = c wR (w). w0 w0
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Unit of analysis Default data Industry/country segments Empirical estimation of segment default rate as a function of unspeci ed macroeconomic variables, e.g., GDP, unemployment Driven by empirical correlation between the chosen macroeconomic variables and the estimated factor sensitivities Autoregressive Moving Average Model t to evolution of macrofactors. Shocks to the system determine deviation from mean default rates at the segment level. Logistic (normal) Year by year marginal default rate to maturity
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ESSENTIALS of Intellectual Proper ty
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