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Cost Reduction and Control Best Practices
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Microsoft Terminal Services
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implicit association that shortness of question equates with simplicity of question; if it is short it must be easy. Hence equivocating with a short question is particularly dangerous. The classic directed short choice question is [statement of fact], yes or no This type of question comes naturally to lawyers who are used to dichotomising. Categories are a key tool for lawyers. Their job is substantially about tting evidence into categories. For example, the evidence either supports a nding of similar facts , which will authorise the introduction of evidence of the defendant s prior convictions for crimes committed in a similar manner, or it does not (Tapper, 1999). The legal consequence depends upon whether the evidence submitted falls into the category, or not: Is there a serious risk Yes or no It is a simple question. Sometimes it is a simple enough question but frequently it is not. It is regularly arti cial and inappropriate to simply divide situations into reasonable and unreasonable , or posing a risk or no risk .
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Signal Characteristics and Information Extraction
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PF Price P*
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Figure 1.81 Minkowski monopoles
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5.5 Generation Additions and Retirements within a Single Control Area
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Figure 3.2 The consumer decision process.
complexity of provisioning clients with key pairs and certi cates). This emphasis on server authentication can be contrasted with the emphasis on client or user authentication in GSM, where the use of the channel is not free, and the user must therefore be authenticated so that they can be charged. There are many ways of satisfying the goals for GSM security and the process of designing the GSM security architecture re ected the many possibilities open to the designers many candidate architectures were proposed by the participating parties. BT, for instance, proposed the use of public key cryptography along with their own secret, symmetric encryption algorithm, BeCrypt. The reader might be interested to know why Public Key Cryptography (PKC) was not used. There were three main reasons:
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