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Why Less Is Often More Even with these challenges, this survey suggests that managers that shift more work to accounting staff enjoy significant paybacks. We let three managers make this concluding point: The company is growing but the accounting department is handling the workload without additional staff. The result is steady costs and the chance for
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In GPS receivers, the Doppler measurements fdi are usually derived by sampling the frequency setting of the NCO (Fig. 3.15) that tracks the phase of the incoming signal. An alternate method is to count the output cycles of the NCO over a relatively short time period, perhaps 1 s or less. However, in either case, the measured Doppler shift is not the raw measurement itself, but the deviation from what the raw NCO measurement would be without any signal Doppler shift, assuming that the receiver reference clock oscillator had no error. 3.5.6 Integrated Doppler Measurements
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The above U ML sequence diagram shows how the C O RBA Naming service is used by a client object to obtain an object reference to the T e a m server object that implements BVB Dortmund. To do so, the client uses a reference to the root naming context that the client has obtained during its initialization procedures. It then resolves the complex name ( U EFA , Germany ) to obtain a reference on the naming context that corresponds to the German Soccer Association. From there it resolves the complex name ( 1. Liga , BVB ) to obtain the reference to the desired server object. Note that we could have also resolved the complex name ( U EFA , Germany , 1. Liga , BVB ) from the root naming context to obtain the desired object reference in one step.
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[1] V. Jacobson, B. Braden, and B. Dorman (1992) TCP Extensions for High Performance, RFC 1323, May 1992. [2] S. Floyd (2003) HighSpeed TCP for Large Congestion Windows , RFC 3649, Experimental, December 2003. [3] C. Zhang, C., J. Leigh, J., T. DeFanti, M. Mazzucco, and R. Grossman (2003) TeraScope: Distributed Visual Data Mining of Terascale Data Sets Over Photonic Networks, Journal of Future Generation Computer Systems, 19, 935 944. [4] J. Postel, User Datagram Protocol, RFC 768, August 1980. [5] M. Goutelle, Y. Gu, E. He, S. Hegde, R. Kettimuthu, J. Leigh, P. Primet, M. Weizi, C. Xiong, and M. Yousaf (2005) A Survey of Transport Protocols other than Standard TCP, Grid Working Document, Data Transport Research Group, Global Grid Forum. [6] L. Smarr, A. Chien, T. DeFanti, J. Leigh, and P. Papadopoulos (2003) The OptIPuter, , special issue on Blueprint for the Future of High-performance Networking, Communications of the ACM, 46, 58 67. [7] D. Clark, L. Lambert, and C. Zhang (1988) NETBLT: A High Throughput Transport Protocol ACM, Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 88, pp. 353 359 [8] J. Leigh, O. Yu, D. Schonfeld, R. Ansari, E. He, A. Naya, N. Krishnaprasad, K. Park, Y. Cho, L. Hu R. Fang, A. Verlo, L. Winkler, and T. DeFanti (2001) Adaptive Networking for Tele-Immersion, Proceedings of Immersive Projection Technology/Eurographics Virtual Environments Workshop (IPT/EGVE), May 16 18, Stuttgart, Germany, 2001. [9] E. He, J. Leigh, O. Yu, and T. DeFanti (2002) Reliable Blast UDP: Predictable High Performance Bulk Data Transfer, Proceedings of IEEE Cluster Computing. [10] Y. Gu, X. Hong, M. Mazzucco, and R. Grossman (2002) Rate Based Congestion Control over High Bandwidth/Delay Links, White Paper, Laboratory for Advanced Computing, University of Illinois at Chicago. [11] M. Meiss, Tsunami: A High-Speed Rate-Controlled Protocol for File Transfer, mmeiss/papers/tsunami.pdf. [12] R.. Grossman, Y. Gu, D. Hanley, X. Hong, D. Lillethun, J. Levera, J. Mambretti, M. Mazzucco, and J. Weinberger (2003) Experimental Studies Using Photonic Data Services at iGrid 2002, Journal of Future Computer Systems, 19, 945 955. [13] R. Grossman, Y. Gu, X. Hong, A. Antony, J. Blom, F. Dijkstra, and C. de Laat (2005) Teraflows over Gigabit WANs with UDT, Journal of Future Computer Systems, 21, 501 513. [14] Y. Gu, X. Hong and R. Grossman (2004) An Analysis of AIMD Algorithms with Decreasing Increases, Proceedings of GridNets 2004. IEEE Press. [15] Y. Gu, X. Hong, and R. Grossman (2004) Experiences in Design and Implementation of a High Performance Transport Protocol , Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE SC2004 Conference on High Performance. [16] Y. Gu and R. Grossman (2005) Optimizing UDP-Based Protocol Implementations, Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Protocols for Fast Long-Distance Networks, PFLDnet 2005. [17] Y. Gu and R. Grossman, Supporting Configurable Congestion Control in Data Transport Services, ACM/IEEE SC 2005 Conference (SC 05). [18] C. Xiong, J. Leigh, E. He, V. Vishwanath, T. Murata, L. Renambot, and T. Defanti (2005) LambdaStream a Data Transport Protocol for streaming Network-Intensive Applications over Photonic Networks, Proceedings of PFLDnet 2005. [19] I. Stoica, S. Shenker, and H. Zhang (1998) Core-Stateless Fair Queuing: Achieving Approximately Fair Bandwidth Allocations in High Speed Networks, Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 98, Vancouver, Canada, September 1998.
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vehicle longitude and latitude depend on the horizontal components of vehicle velocity, but in a less direct manner. The relationship between longitude and latitude rates and east and north velocities is further complicated by the oblate shape of the earth. The rates at which these angular coordinates change as the vehicle moves tangent to the surface will depend upon the radius of curvature of the reference surface model, which is an ellipsoid of revolution for the WGS 84 model. Radius of curvature can depend on the direction of travel, and for an ellipsoidal model there is one radius of curvature for north south motion and another radius of curvature for east west motion. Meridional Radius of Curvature The radius of curvature for north south motion is called the ``meridional'' radius of curvature, because north south travel is along a meridian (i.e., line of constant longitude). For an ellipsoid of revolution (the WGS 84 model), all meridians have the same shape, which is that of the ellipse that was rotated to produce the ellipsoidal surface model. The tangent circle with the same radius of curvature as the ellipse is called the ``osculating'' circle (osculating means ``kissing''). As illustrated in Fig. 6.16 for an oblate earth model, the radius of the meridional osculating circle is smallest where the geocentric radius is largest (at the
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Research in the Schools: Ethical and Legal Issues
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Polarography and Voltammetry in Non-Aqueous Solutions
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u u Distributed systems consist of a number of networked hosts, each of which executes one or several components. These components use middleware to communicate with each other and the middleware hides distribution and heterogeneity from programmers to some extent. D evelopers often do not have the choice to develop a centralized system architecture because non-functional requirements that include scalability, openness, heterogeneity, resource sharing and fault-tolerance force them to adopt a distributed architecture. We have discussed different dimensions in which distribution can be transparent to users, application designers and administrators. These dimensions are access, location, concurrency, failure, migration, replication, performance and scalabilitytransparency. These provide design guidelines for distributed systems. The transparency dimensions we identified are not independent of each other. Access, location and concurrency are low-level transparency dimensions. They support higher level dimensions, such as failure, performance and scalability transparency.
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Foundations of Soft Case-Based Reasoning. By Sankar K. Pal and Simon C. K. Shiu ISBN 0-471-08635-5 Copyright # 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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