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Water (0.890) Methanol (0.545) Ethanol (1.096) 1-Propanol (1.947) 2-Propanol (2.078) 1-Butanol (2.67) 2,2,2-Trifluoroethanol (1.78) Ethylene glycol (1.661) Formamide (3.30) N-Methylformamide (1.66) N,N-Dimethylformamide (0.793) N,N-Dimethylacetamide (0.919) Hexamethylphosphoric triamide (3.23) 1,1,3,3-Tetramethylurea (1.401) N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone (1.666) Pyridine (0.882) Dimethyl sulfoxide (1.963) Acetone (0.3116) Methylethylketone (0.378) Propylene carbonate (2.513) Sulfolane (10.330) Acetonitrile (0.344) Nitromethane (0.612 0.627) Nitrobenzene (1.849) Formic acid (1.610)
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Under the new plan, both external and internal candidates were considered for available positions, which necessitated a new emphasis on market pricing. External hires needed to have market-based pay structures. This gave birth to our market-pricing project, said Graebner. First, JC Penney had to select which surveys to use. For positions up to the management level, broad general-industry surveys were sufficient. Above that level, retail-specific salary surveys were more useful. Comparing Job Titles In taking a look at market data for the retail industry, it became clear that the company needed to figure out how to compare itself to other organizations in the surveys. It also became clear that the company could not simply rely on job titles from market surveys. Many organizations have a position with the same title, but the responsibilities and scope of the actual job can vary greatly. To remedy the situation, JC Penney added evaluations to the process. Job evaluation combined with market data to give us much better information. And that is what CEOs want, that is what line executives want, said Seaweard. Tying in job evaluations allowed the company to link the value of work to the market. This made it easier to communicate to people what they needed to do in their jobs to obtain a raise. We want people to understand what creates value, said Seaweard. When using a salary survey, you need to understand the content of your jobs, as well as the survey models to get the best market data, said Seaweard. We ended up matching our buyer s job to the higher level of the data. We realized the content of the Penney s jobs is bigger than the data s, so we ve got to reflect that accordingly. With a group of compensation-related jobs such as compensation director or vice president of compensation and benefits the approach was similar but slightly different. In one salary survey used by JC Penney, the compensation manager range is $50,000 to $100,000. So what is the right amount How big is your job asked Seaweard. He gave an example of two compensation managers, both at billion-dollar companies. The first one administers the annual merit budget, the annual incentive plan, and market pricing and supervises a couple of analysts. But overall, HR is not a big player in the organization, said Seaweard. The other HR does all of that too, but the department works closely in designing sales plans, works with boards, line managers, etc. So those jobs aren t the same and wouldn t be paid the same. In looking at surveys, the organization then matched job titles and job content to comparable data other companies that were of similar size and scope. JC Penney targeted the 50th percentile of the pay ranges for each job. Career Bands The jobs were then grouped by relative impact to the organization to create career bands, each with a maximum and minimum pay range. This reduced the number of titles while still maintaining logical career paths for employees. That structure
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The source code of a program called IPCSGV developed to determine the interconnection parasitic capacitances on the GaAs-based VLSI is presented in Appendix 2.1, which can be found at the ftp site: sci_tech_med/high_speed_VLSI. It is based on the various calculation steps presented above and is written in FORTRAN. The program can be modi ed to include more interconnections though the relative precision of the results will be qr code reader
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Part C Target Marketing and Managing the Fashion Marketing Mix
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Grid Network Services: Building on Multiservice Networks
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Cash Flows
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A practical, constructive distinction
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Cubicle, caf , or castle Choose the work setting that suits you. Ensure you have what you need in your workspace, from the physical (a desk or other work surface) to the social (water cooler talk). Plugging into the web. Equip yourself with a computer, an Internet connection, and whatever else you need to link your physical self into the virtual world of web work. Bursting free with your browser. Your browser connects you beyond your computer and your workplace to information, services, and people online. Choose the browser that s right for you and tailor it with add-ons that suit your way of working. Putting your word processor on a diet. Try slimmed-down alternatives to heavyweight desktop word processors in an age of lightweight web publishing. The myth of the paperless office. You ll continue to use paper for the indefinite future, so equip your office with the hardware and supplies you need to work effectively across the paper/computer divide.
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