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Many search engines will allow you to turn a search into a regularly updated feed of results that match that search. Then you can get those results in your feed reader or your email. For this to work well, you ll have to define your searches with enough specificity that you don t get overwhelmed with hits. So-called vanity searches can be one of the best uses of prospective search. This is where you create an RSS feed or email alert with your name, your company s name, or your company s product name as the search term. Then you can see someone s saying something about you or your company. I don t consider this as much a vanity search as a connection search, because people who are talking about you are good targets for connecting, assuming they re saying nice things. And if they re not, you still want to know about it so you can address any criticisms or misrepresentations.
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For any problem that fsck encounters, it will ask you if you want to repair it:
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get beyond a page or two of messages, using the trackwheel to scroll up and down through the Messages List becomes tedious and unproductive. Table 3-1 lists BlackBerry shortcut keystrokes that are extremely handy for performing common navigation commands to help you move through the Messages List, especially when you have several pages of messages in your Inbox.
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HSDPA bit rates, capacity and coverage
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that they are in need of repair. The members seem to be saying that our Exchange has lost its sense of priority: that we seem to be more concerned with celebrations, with appearances, with photo opportunities, with civic and political involvements, than we are about the primary business of the Exchange our markets. There is a view that the Merc s budget and expenditures re ect this incorrect set of priorities. These feelings have given rise to internal strife, to bickering, to nger pointing and acrimony. Membership organizations cannot move forward when there is internal divisiveness. The effects of these perceptions were re ected in the last election, bringing new faces to this room and me back to the table. Unfortunately, I have no magic bullets or magic solutions, nor does, to my knowledge, any one of the new board members. But they do have ideas and they are willing to work. I personally hope to provide new thoughts and a new direction. Hopefully, I can help reprioritize the Merc so that its primary focus is on the markets, on technology, on clearing capability, on new ideas. Moreover, I am certain that the new board members are welcomed by everyone on the board. From what I have witnessed, the board directors have accepted the clear message from our membership and are ready to begin this task. Jack and I have taken the lead in this respect. Indeed, we intend to show the board and our membership that we can work as a uni ed team and provide the leadership necessary to effectively respond to our membership. I look forward to working with all of you.
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For computer display it is common to see progressive-scan CCD readouts, where no interlacing is used, and the pixels are displayed on the monitor in the order that they are read off from the chip that is, one row at a time from top to bottom. For higher-end video cameras based on CCD devices, the distinction between analogue and digital handling of image signals is becoming increasingly difficult to make. For example, CCD cameras with video output to a TV are controlled by a computer, which can also grab and display a video frame, process the image, and extract photometrically accurate data regarding light intensity. In addition, digital image processors with analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters are now routinely incorporated in video circuitry for the speed and convenience of displaying a live processed image. The sensitivity of various kinds of analogue video and digital camera systems to wavelength and luminosity is shown in Figure 13-5 and 13-6.
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How Benefits Managers are Cutting Costs
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