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4.3 Least-cost Dispatch in a Single Control Area: a Simple Model
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[C]hildren from a very early age know when someone isn t telling the truth . . . [and] what s right and what s wrong. Except, and it is a big exception, there are children . . . who just are the most outrageous romancers: fantasists. And they love it, I m not sure how conscious they are that they re doing it. I met . . . a boy, . . . I said you re on holiday . He said yes, I m actually a jet pilot . It wasn t a joke. In his head he was a jet pilot who was on holiday. Now, in court you don t always know when you ve got one of those. So, the defending advocate s job, if there are seeds of this, is to let the little boy (it s usually little boys) blossom into this fantasy world. . . . [Y]ou might start by saying hello, John, are you keen on football Yes. Who do you play football for Usually he will say St Barnabas Primary School . Occasionally you will get little boys who will say Oh, I play for England. And you say, You mean, you like watching England play Oh no, I play for England. And then all of a sudden, this edi ce that the prosecution has built is in tatters. And they do exist, and you ve got to give them an opportunity to show that they are romancers.
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Friends of the Chicago Public Library, Freedom to Read Award, Union League Club, Chicago, November 1, 1996.
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Kaufman also developed an interview format that emphasizes a life story in contrast to a clinical history. The life story is a personal perspective and overview of one s life. The life story may be a better reflection of the self than a clinical conceptualization. An accurate and humane combination of a history and a life story works well. The nature of intimacy is a crucial dimension in working with older couples. A crucial principle is that intimacy is a balance of control and vulnerability in a committed relationship. Both partners need to influence the relationship; to be able to get their own needs met, yet still sustain a climate where it is safe to be vulnerable. Intimacy is a balance of commitment, influence, and the safety to make one s needs known and honored. This intimacy is not a pseudo-mutuality, however. A poignant quote by George Bernard Shaw suggests, If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary. It is also helpful to consider the notion of a creative relationship. The psychologist Rollo May in The Courage to Create (1975), suggested that creativity in art, literature, and music is also a balance of form and passion. Loving relationships must balance form and passion (guided by sincere commitment) in order for a relationship to stay vital. When counseling couples, relationships may need change if a relationship has become stagnant. At other junctures, life s challenges and changes (e.g., financial problems, medical troubles, or lost relationships) call for stabilization and recommitment. Form and passion help us understand and plan the task and scope of therapy. Does the couple need change or integration In a way, relationships (or movies that portray them) are another example of Rollo May s notion (1975) that creativity is a balance of form and passion. This balance can be in art, literature, cinema, or human relations. Growth often means reconfiguring a work of art. The fascinating parallel is that relationships (like art) are a balance of passion, form, and commitment. The form of a loving relationship, and the ingredients of commitment and passion, parallel the core of creativity. Each person in a loving relationship contributes to make the couple vital as well as committed.
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Dynamic Enterprise Architecture
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c. Processing the data. After the data screening section, we are ready for processing the data. This is, of course, completely application dependent. Since many if not most on-line real-time run unsupervised by humans, the analysis routines tend to be fairly complex to take care of all reasonable eventualities. If events are to be detected, we can make sure that the event lasts long enough not to be artifactual. d. Check for validity of output. In the analysis phase, further check for validity may be made, together with checks that any serious artifacts are no longer occurring. e. Program output. Finally, the program output is programmed. We discuss below the structure of an actual deployed real-time on-line fuzzy expert system for event detection and alarm generation for patients in a hospital intensive care unit. Omitted from this discussion are the program blocks for acquiring the data. Output of this program was voice alarm messages sent over the computer s speakers, in addition to hard disk log of events. Table 15.4 lists the major program blocks for processing the input data stream. Data for this program were obtained via RS232C in one institution and via Ethernet in another; Table 15.4 does not list the program blocks that implement I/O, but only lists the processing blocks. Block 9 detects a single event, but this may be a uke; initiation of a formal event and issuance of an alarm require more than a single detected event, and are done by blocks 11 and 12. If an event is taking place on an input measurement variable, block 14 suspends updating the exponentially smoothed and delayed baselines. In Table 15.4, block 9 does initial event detection. However, alarms are not issued as soon as an event is detected on one data input record; it is necessary to verify that an alarm event is indeed taking place. Blocks 10, 11, and 12 perform this veri cation. Alarms are actually issued by Block 12. While events are taking
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[Table not available in this electronic edition.]
The implementation of interfaces has to solve the problem that a generated server stub needs to call the object implementation in a type-safe way. We would like the compiler that we use for translating the server object to detect typing problems, such as missing parameters or parameters of the wrong type for the invocation of server objects in the same way as for the invocation of client stubs. There are two approaches to the implementation of server objects in a type-safe way: interfaces and inheritance. Both approaches achieve that the server stub calls the server object. Not all object-oriented programming languages support the concept of interfaces and inheritance may be used with these languages. For implementation by inheritance, the middleware generates an abstract class as part of the server stub. This abstract class has abstract operations that declare the operation signature but are not implemented by the class. Pure virtual member functions may be used in C and deferred operations may be used in Eiffel. The class implementing the server object is then defined as a subtype of this abstract class. The server stub will have a reference that is statically of the abstract class but refers dynamically to an instance of the server object. The programming language compiler used for the server implementation will check that the redefinition of abstract operation meets the declarations of the respective operations in the
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Although our goal is to standardize image-processing operations, our experience tells us that image processing is an invaluable agent in scientific discovery. Video-enhanced contrast imaging of microtubules and minute cellular structures, and contrast manipulations to medical X rays and astronomical images are all examples. Here, it is very clear that nothing can be seen without substantial adjustments to the original image. Further, two important technological advances in electronic microscope imaging video enhancement of image contrast and confocal microscopy profoundly changed the way scientists regarded microscope images. These technologies are entirely dependent on electronic detectors, and both require extensive electronic adjustments and follow-up computer processing. The images and knowledge gained from these technologies are impressive. Nevertheless, for the typical microscope image our approach to processing and image display usually needs to be more conservative. We would be remiss if we did not emphasize an obvious point. If processing is done to enhance the visibility of important image features that cannot otherwise be seen to good advantage, then it is appropriate and acceptable. This is no different from any other scientific data. Naturally, if you have only one picture showing some piece of information, then it is not wise to trust it. But if the same feature shows up repeatedly, then you consider it trustworthy even if it is difficult to see. In such situations, image processing might be the only way to display image details and describe an observation to others.
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It is time to present a brief primer on the science of how musical notes are formed. My aim is not to panic you with flashbacks to high school physics class, so I m just going to go over the basics needed in order to teach a BlackBerry how to play a specific note. I am certainly no expert in music theory, so if you are, just feel free to skip over this section. Personally, I found it was fairly easy even for a musical novice to find the information needed by Googling and a bit of research. When a note is played on a piano (or any other musical instrument), the sound travels in a wave, which is measured as a frequency expressed in Hertz (usually written in shorthand as Hz). The frequency can also be described as the number of vibrations per second. An octave is
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